Sunday, February 21, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me...Let's Motown!

Hey all, Monday's Music has arrived again. It is unreal that we are heading toward the end of the month. Don't forget though, it is leap year so, we have an extra Monday for February.

So, this week we are working with a theme chosen by our Spotlight Dancer, Linda Cadose. Yes, the same Linda who writes books. She has been spotlighting Motown singers and this is the theme she wants to do. So, let me see what I have for you.

First up: I want to start out with the smooth singer of Marvin Gaye. Don't you just love him?!

Next: I am going to go with the Jackson 5 and one of my favorites from when they were all together.

Finally, I am going to go with one of my favorite groups and singer from the era. Diana Ross and the Supremes.

BONUS: Diana Ross minus the Supremes! 

Have a good week everyone! ~Naila Moon New linky:


  1. I was Motown mad in the day even though I am only 21 "loudly coughs"

    Mercy Mercy Me is my favourite Marvin Gaye track lurrve The Supremes

    Have a Motowntastic week and keep on dancing :-)

  2. Such a fun theme! I love your picks!

  3. Michelle, Excellent choices! I remember when Mahogany came out. And, who can forget the Jackson 5?! Great, great Motown group! Thanks for the dance. Have a tunetastic week, my friend!


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