Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What One Good Thing Have You Found Today? #CoffeeChat

Depression really is sucky. I should know, I live with it every day. Every...Day! Maybe I have never shared that publicly, but there it is right in front of you, in print.

I am not some psycho that goes off and kills a bunch of people.  No, I am someone who has a chemical imbalance and need meds to get me straightened out. I take them everyday. I know you and am your friend. Are you freaked out now knowing I have depression? I hope not. Stupid press.
If more of us would admit the issues, the stigmas would go away.

So, what does that have to do with finding the good daily?  Well, sometimes when I am really having a low day, it is hard to find the silver lining, the sunshine, the rainbows and Skittles. Sometimes, I simply want to stay in bed and hope that the dark cloud I have awakened with will just go away. In truth,it is then that I find the good, the most. I know that sound odd but, it is true.

I force myself to get up, to see that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and a great family near and far. I see that I have clean water to drink, shoes to wear, and a comfortable bed that I just got out of. So many people do not even have that. Good? You bet.

On better days, which the majority of day are, I see so much more. Like the beautiful place I live in. I walk out my door and see this.

Or like today, I get to visit a self-run library with a wonderful section for everyone. I can get books for free to read or music to listen to. I can use the library computer (if I want to) and get passes to go see really cool places. Good? You better believe it.

I try hard to see every day something that is good. It is really hard sometimes, especially when you have been exposed hours to the Iowa caucus. Stupid press. Ok, let's not go there.
Anyway, you get my drift. Sometimes, I do have to work at it but for the most part, I cannot help but always seeing the good in people and things. Soemtimes, I just like to be in a moment and enjoy that too.

What about you? Tell me in comments. Have a great day. ~Naila Moon

PS> Sometimes even looking at something a little bit different helps. Case in point, my grandson enjoying looking at the mirror in the car. Don't worry, we were parked in a parking lot.


  1. Empathetic maybe, but definitely not freaked out. :) I don't know why there has to be a media stigma about people with depression - it's a real struggle for many many people, and no one should feel embarrassed or feel like they need to hide it from others because maybe, just maybe, they can get the support they need. If that makes sense. I have lots of friends who suffer from depression, and I'm proud to be their friend - as I am proud to be yours, too. ((HUGZ!!))

    Your grandson is SO CUTE! He looks like one of Santa's cooler elves. ;)

    1. Thanks, Stacy, the feeling is mutual.
      Oh yeah, he had the whole cool elf thing going on!

  2. Not freaked out at all! And incredibly proud to hear you share something so personal -- given the dumb press about it. But hopefully that tide is turning. But it's definitely people like you, with the courage to speak about it. To share your struggles, that will help all of us understand. So Thank You!!
    You truly live in a beautiful place too. Wow - that view! But I don't know, your adorable grandson wins the adorable contest though. LOL

  3. Not freaked one bit! Honored that you felt safe sharing something so personal on something so public. We all have struggles and it is those of us that accept those struggles and work them into our daily lives that make it! You are not hiding and that speaks volumes. The view is beautiful and familiar(?) and I love the shot of your grandson, too cute!


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