Friday, June 28, 2013

Link up to others...AKA Google Friends Connect is going away soon


Surely by now you have heard that Google Friends Connect is going to say goodbye to all of us on Blogger soon. That really stinks to think that we will lose all our Google Connect friends.

Having said that, I saw another blogger who was having a link up and I thought I might have one here too. The big difference is, I am allowing you to link up any other social network you want or need followers on. eg; Networked Blogs, Bloglovin', Linky Followers, Tumbler even Pinterest

It will be open for 30 days. So, you have plenty of time to link up but the sooner the better.

 NOTE: Do not link up Facebook or Twitter.

1. Please make sure to link separately each link you want followed.
2. Follow Me (courtesy here folks) 
3. Follow at least the two people in front of you and anyone else you wish
4. Post the button to your blog to tell others about this link up and follow

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuesdays Topics....I Love Link Ups Part 1


I do not generally blog other people's blog post but this one is a good one. We all know or at least most of us know that Google Friend's Connect is taking off into the wild blue sunset and leaving us bloggers high and dry.  We have to do something right?

Well, these gals have put together a linky party to follow Bloglovin', which of course many of us have flocked too. Follow their rules and link up. I did.
~Naila Moon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...June 24, 2013


Happy Monday ya all! Hope the weekend was wonderful for you.
Did you get to see the super moon? I missed it! Whaa....

Ah well, I may have missed that but I am not missing the 4M's today. This week is Freebie week. I know many of you like the weeks you can pick anything. So, have at it. Let's see what you have!

Of course this is hosted by none other than Xmas Dolly and her crew of Stacy, Callie and Cathy. Oh yeah, and of course there is little o' me as honary co-host. Guess what? I am staying on through July too! Whoo hoo!

SO on to it.

I thought since there was a Super Moon to be seen this last couple of days, I would start off with this song.

Next up a man with the last name of a planet singing about talking to the moon. *grins*

This singer (my Dad's favorite) sings to the moon in Italian. Don't worry, there is English translation.

Here is one where Clark Gable, yes THE Clark Gable sings about the color of the moon.

Then there is how the moon looks like food. *chuckles*

And of course, you can never gone wrong when the Muppets sing about anything.

Have a good week. Don't forget to link up!
~Naila Moon

Author Linda Cadose's Lucky Day Giveaway-3 Prizes, 3 Winners!

Seriously, who does not like having some cash in their pocket. I know I do!
Well, this is your lucky day!

Author Linda Cadose is giving away not one, not two, but three great prizes to three separate winners!
How awesome is that.


There is no time like the present to get in on this lucky day prize giveaway. I wish you luck so, enter today!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Author, Linda Cadose and is solely responsible for prize distribution. Naila Moon of Once Upon A Time and Just The Stuff Ya Know is not responsible for prizes.
Three winners will be drawn via  
Each winner has 48 hours to respond to an e-mail sent to them or forfeit their prize.
The giveaway is open World Wide and will end July 7, 2013.

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Sunday Vlogging-I'm back and making...

It has been awhile since I did Sunday Vlogging but I am back and ready to show you a favorite comfort food.  Check this out!
~Naila Moon

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In Memory of Dad June 22, 2013

Such a rare photo of us Dad. You always preferred to be behind the camera instead of in front.
Two years. Has it really been?

Today it seems I prefer to stay in bed and forget that I was there with you for your last breathe. Flashbacks! Oh yes, they are there.

How I wish that I would have had another 6 months of good times but at least, I got 6 months!

I miss you.

Love, Your Daughter

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giveaway: #Jack the Giant Slayer Combo Pack

Warner Bros. is proud to announce the arrival of Jack the Giant Slayer released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 18!

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About Jack the Giant Slayer:
Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom and its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend... and gets the chance to become a legend himself! Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns)

Starring: Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy), Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!), and Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones).

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Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to you in promotion of the Warner Bros. release of the Jack the Giant Slayer Blog App.  Any actions (including contest and competitions) that you complete with the provided assets are your liability, and should comply with both local and international laws. Naila Moon/Just The Stuff Ya Know is  working with Warner Bros. to bring this promotion and was in no way compensated. Materials were provided solely by Warner Bros.

Giveaway ends July 7, 2013. Winner must respond to an e-mail sent within 24 hours or an alternate winner will be drawn due to the winner’s address must be in by Friday, July 12th, 2013!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Monday Music Moves Me...Sci-fi 6/17/2013

Hey ya all! Welcome back to Monday Music Moves Me hosted by none other than Xmas Dolly, Callie, Cathy and Stacy. Then I come along for the ride and get to be honorary conductor too. Whee......

Before I get the party kick started here an apology is in order.
I did not get around to all my musical peeps last week and that is just simply bad me! I promise to make it up this week, somehow, somewhere...over the rainbow...oh, see already thinking musically.

This week we have the theme of Sci-fi songs. Now, I have to tell you, this one is probably better suited for my hubby but I will give it a go. Ok?

First up: In case you did not know, our lovely host Xmas Dolly celebrated her birthday this past week. So, this one is for her first.

Next up: From one of my favorite movies

Another favorite:

Last but not least:

Father's Day Reflection

A rare photo of me and Dad

As today is Father's Day, I wanted to give some thoughts on how I felt about the day and how I feel about it now.

My Dad has been gone from this Earth for two years now. While he was here with me, my life with him from the time I was 19 years old until about 6 months before he passed was anything but always pleasant.

In fact, I spent over 20+ years being angry at him. I was hurt and resentful for almost all of that time. I wanted life with him to be what it was prior to my turning 19 but it wasn't.

It was also, not completely his fault. Although, it took me a long time to come to that realization.

My life with Dad prior to that time was a daughter's dream. I was his princess, the only girl, who really could do no wrong. I was truly Daddy's little girl.

Dad one month before he passed away-Memorial Day 2011

He came to my volleyball and basketball games, he taught me the art of photography, he taught me the art of advertisement, he taught me to ballroom dance, he laughed with me, washed my hair on occasion, he was there when I graduated from high school, and gave me my first typewriter for college.  He was a part of my life.

What I didn't realize or what really he did not realize is that I was not perfect.  I made mistakes and huge ones.

I will not get into what caused the rift between my Dad and I. It does not matter. What matters is that it happened and I spent the rest of his life as unhappy with him as he was with me. Father's Day for me was simply an uncomfortable day to give 'adoration' to someone I was not liking at all.

However, forgiveness is divine.

Six months before he passed away, I stayed with my parents an extra week at Christmas time. I needed to be with Dad because I felt, I would never see him again alive after that moment. It turned out not to be true but at the time, quite real.

I took the time to really talk to my Dad, tell him how I had felt over the years. Tell him I had been pissed and just wanted him to love me without all the conditions that had proceeded it.

What occurred it something I did not expect. First he said that it had been so many years that he did not even know why I was angry with him anymore. He just knew that I was. Then...
He asked me for forgiveness. Me.

In that very moment, all pain, all hurt, everything, was gone. Healing took place.

It turns out, that I moved back to Missouri where my parents were living. I spent the next 6 months in great relationship with my Dad. In fact, in an ironic turn of events, I was the ONLY person with my Dad when he passed on into the afterlife.

I watched him take his last breaths and then, he was gone.  No more Father's Days.

I wish that I had not wasted so much time being angry and resentful. I wish that I could spend this Father's Day with him, but I can't.

What I can do though, is be grateful I had a beautiful 6 months with him in a peaceful, loving relationship and just being Daddy's little girl.

Remember to tell those you truly love, that you love them.
I love you Dad and miss you very much.
~MR aka Naila Moon

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man Cave Giveaway:46" LCD HGTV/Foosball Table/Kegorator

Man Cave Giveaway Event

Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8

My husband, as you well know runs his own blog called Chronicles From the Man Cave. I suppose it is his way of having his own "cave" since our apartment is not big enough for one. That is why when I had the opportunity to participate in this giveaway, it felt right. What man (or woman) wouldn't want this stuff in their very own cave?
Prize Package Includes:

Experience a full-HD picture with crisp detailing and stereo sound on the terrific RCA 46LA45RQ LCD HDTV. It is an elegantly designed; wall-mountable LCD TV that meets energy star standards. This RCA LCD HDTV features true-to-life screen delivering brightness of 500cd/m2 that enables you to watch clear picture regardless the lighting condition of the room. The 46-inch LCD screen with 16:9 widescreen formats offers you clear and natural motion scenes, thereby making it ideal for watching sports and video games. This 1080P 60HZ HDTV has a brilliant contrast ratio that ensures detailed images with wide range of brightest to darkest colors. The HDMI inputs easily connect to HD sources thereby delivering high definition videos. Watch digital channels, including HDTV programs with the built-in ATSC digital/NTSC analog tuner. This RCA 46LA45RQ LCD HDTV can be tilted vertically and horizontally to 176 degree allowing you to watch the TV from different areas in your home.

  • 16:9 LCD panel
  • With 1920 x 1080 full-HD resolution
  • Wide 176-degree vertical and 176-degree horizontal angles
  • See a clear picture from anywhere in the room
  • Built-in ATSC digital/NTSC analog tuner
  • Watch digital channels, including HDTV programs where available
  • High brightness of 500cd/m2 with 6.5ms. response time
  • Place your full-HD TV anywhere
  • 4,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • HDMI Inputs: 3
  • Enjoy a superior HD experience with the HDMI one-cable solution
  • Wall-mountable
  • VESA standard
  • 45.99" screen of the RCA 46" 1080p LCD HDTV is measured diagonally from corner to corner
54" Foosball Table
Square off with the 54 inch foosball table from MD Sports. This official competition-sized soccer table features a green, pitch-like playing surface, 15.8mm steel player rods with sleek robo players and a beaded scoring tabulator. The adjustable leg levelers make setup easier even on uneven floors. The MDF cabinet has a PVC laminate and wood-grain finish to give the table a strong presence in any game room. This 54" foosball table offers plenty of entertainment and competitive play. The table comes with a standard size foosball, weighted to give you a solid feel as you go face-to-face with the competition.
The Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge in Black dispenses beer easily and quickly to even the thirstiest crew. Swivel casters make it mobile enough to roll around the clubhouse, pool area or anywhere you want to get the party started. The included 2.5-pound CO2 bottle is good for about four 15-gallon kegs and the fridge features a semi-gloss black tap tower with spring loaded, top-mounted tapper. A chrome guard rail and drip tray finishes the look of the durable black counter top. Keep track of the amount of CO2 in the tank or adjust pressure with the included double meter regulator.
  • Holds one full size 1/2 barrel keg, one 1/4 barrel pony size keg or two 5-gallon D system kegs
  • Keg coupler fits D system valves and does not fit non-standard keg sizes
  • Adjustable thermostat with interior temperature range of unit is 30-40 degrees F
  • Includes empty 2.5-pound CO2 bottle, double meter regulator and drip tray
  • Spring loaded beer tapper
  • Approved for commercial and household use
  • Four casters provide easy portability
  • Black finish
  • The Double Regulator works the CO2 Tank and measures PSI (pounds per square inch), as well as the volume of the CO2 gas in the Cylinder. Set Output Pressure Gauge between 8-12 PSI for a nice, frothy head.
Thank you to each reader who is taking the time to visit, read and entering to win this amazing summer fun prize package. Please take a moment to also visit our lovely co-hosts whom without them great things such as these would not be possible: Another Cent Saved, Java John Z's, Ultimate Coupon Club, The Penny Hoarder, Barbara's Beat, Coupon Queen of Texas, Maria's Space, A Medic's World, The Stuff of Success and Baby Costcutters.

One lucky winners will a 46" RCA LCD-HDTV, 54" Foosball Table & Kegorator!

Giveaway ends July 5th at 11:59pm, open US, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Naila Moon/Just The Stuff Ya Know is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!

Thankful Thursday and A Song June 13, 2013

Good afternoon all. I have been out and about and enjoying spending time with my Mom who is visiting me for another week. Good to hang out with her. It is warm here and rain is badly needed.

As it is Thankful Thursday and A Song today, I am just grateful for all that I have and all that I am.  I am grateful for my family and the friends I do have. Life is good even when sometimes it just seems mucky.

I wanted to give a hearty shout out to my blog pal and cyber sis, Marie Moody aka Xmas Dolly. It is her birthday today. She has been a great online friend by being kind to me and teaching me a few things I did not know. I appreciate her very much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE. The song today is for you!

Don't forget to link up so that I can come visit you.
~Naila Moon

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Music...Freebie 6/10/2013

Good morning everyone. It is 2AM in my neck of the universe and I am up thinking about music. In fact, Mondays Music to be exact hosted by Xmas Dolly.

I am honorary co-host this month so hang on and enjoy the ride! Congratulations to Lynn from Southern Direction as Spotlight Dancer this week too.

Spotlight Dancers

Today is freebie day so I get to post what I want for your listening pleasure. Having said that, I have hung on to a list of songs for just such an occasion. Let me share a few from the list. Ok?

First up: I enjoy singing always. I was once told that I sound like this singer.

Next: I love this singer and this song is one of his greats too.

Finally: (I know, just three this week) 
This singer just new how to rock it in the 80's. 

Enjoy the week and sunshine.
~Naila Moon

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song...June 6, 2013

Hello my lovely friends.
Today is Thursday, the day I give thanks to all that is. Although, in truth, I am thankful everyday, I just blog it today! ;-)

Anyway, I have been laid up in bed for two days with terrible back spasms. Ok, terrible is not even the right word. Let's go with horrible shall we? However, this is not what I wanted to talk about.

What I do want to talk about is tears...crying and the grace from it.

We cry for many different reason, hurt, joy, and pain.
In all of it, we find a release that is sometimes so over whelming that we do not know what to do. Yet. it is a release.

I have cried many times in my life for all of the reasons I mentioned above. Yesterday, being in pain, was no exception. My Tamirisc held me as I cried because really what else could he do?

Today, I am thankful for those times I have cried. Those times when I just needed to let go to be released from what every those tears were brought on by.

I am also thankful for the ones who held me as I cried: my parents, my friends, my husband, my children and The Creator. Their comfort in pain or their happiness in joy are so much appreciated.

I found this song today that I want to share with you.

I hope for you peace in your house today. Don't forget to link up so I can share thankfulness with you.

Hugs and peace,
Naila Moon

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mondays Music...Cover Songs...June 3, 2013

Hello my musically inclined Monday people! We are back in...oh my gosh, rock out with Xmas Dolly and the music train crew. This month I am co-hosting and excited to get started.

Oh and if that is not enough, guess who is dancing in the Spotlight this week? My hubby!
Let's rock this joint shall we?

Spotlight Dancers

This week is theme based and is: Cover songs done by other artist.

First up: Cover of the song by the Beatles

Next: Cover of the song by Jim Croce

Next: Cover of the song by Top Notes

Finally: Cover of the song by The Rolling Stones

Make sure you come by Tuesday for Tuesday's Talk with me.
~Naila Moon