Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zealot full of zaniness and zeal! #atozchallenge

I AM A ZEALOT! *yells this while raising a large cutting knife*

Ok, I admit it, I left my sword in my other pants pocket but this is what I am yelling today at the top of my lungs for today is the last day of the A-Z challenge. I did it!


With loads of zeal I pushed through every day and posted without an ounce of an idea of what I was going to do. Sometimes, my ideas were quite zany but certainly with zest!

Sometimes, I just wanted to zip through the post just to get it done. Often times, I was down to the zero hour just to get it in.

However, I AM A ZEALOT and I am proud that I finished.

YOU! #atozchallenge

Hate the grammar but love the quote!

YOU are important to me! If you think I am kidding, try again. I seriously care about you, about who you are, and what makes you tick.

My motto has always been, "take a moment to know me and I will take a lifetime to know you."  It is true. I think we do not take the time to really know each other. Just because you might 'only' be my online friend, does not mean that I don't want to know YOU!

What would you like for me to know about you? Tell me. Really, I want to know!

Monday, April 28, 2014

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monday's Music with a big ole X!

Hello my fellow musical peeps. I have my dancing shoes on and ready to hop on the dance floor with Monday's Music Moves Me. This fun weekly meme is of course hosted by the dancing queen, Xmas Dolly with co-host, Cathy, Callie, Stacy and me!

Our Spotlight Dancer is...J. Lansky. Whoot!


It is freebie week here which means we get to pick our own tunes to subject...umm, I mean...share with each other. It is a lot of fun and we tend to get a musical education.
Since I am still in the April A-Z mode, I am incorporating the letter of the day with my music. You are not going to believe it, but we are on the letter "X". Whoa...

I suppose the first piece that comes to mind is singer, Olivia Newton John, with her song, Xanadu:

Next,  Beoyonce who has the vocal pipes that just don't quit with her song, XO:

This last piece was a surprise to me. This is the rock band Rush with a song also called Xanadu:
(Note: it is 11 minutes long but well worth the listen )

BONUS: This is an album from Michael Jackson with his song, Xscape. The album is to come out May 13th with new music that has never been heard.

Sunday Sayings

Think about it and I will see you later for some music! :) ~Naila Moon

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Word Up! #atoz challenge

“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” 
― Markus ZusakThe Book Thief

Words have power in our world. 

Words can be harmful if used in the wrong context and sometimes damaging to ones soul. Seriously!
On the other hand, words if used correctly and lovingly can lift a persons spirit. 

Words can move people to act, to live compassionately, to win, to thrive, to seek, to love, to hate, to know.

I have an absolute fascination with words. I like to use sophisticated words in my writings and speech.
I like to look up the meanings of words, like these...

Wording: The style of expressing in words.

Whiffletree: The pivoted horizontal crossbar to which the harness traces of a draft animal are attached. (what?)

Wonted: Accustomed; usual

Wrought: Put together

See what I mean about words? I actually own a large Webster's dictionary and still look up words in it. Yes, of course I could Google but then, I might not learn new words to share with you.

Do you like the use of words? Tell me a favorite word of your own.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Vanished Children

Vanishing children is a parent's worst nightmare. It is a terrible thing for a parent have their child simply vanish and not know where they are or what has happened to them.  

On May 25th of this year, it is National Missing Children's Day. It is a day set aside to raise awareness of children who have gone missing and give hope to parents who are still looking for their children.

I thank the Creator that I have always known where my children were but I did know of a couple of cases that were clearly eerie and one that turned out for the good.

When I was in my early 20's a young teen in my town never turned up at home after leaving her job from a local store. Her parents were the local Methodist pastor and his wife. There was very little clues as to where she may have vanished too or what might have happened to her. The pastor and his wife passed away never knowing what happened to their daughter. She is still missing to this day.

Another case, was that of Shawn White who had been missing for several years, abducted when he was 11. He was found along with another boy who had been abducted for a week in what was called the Miracle in Missouri. 

This pointed out the idea to never give up looking for the vanished children. We have all seen the posters at Walmart and around. Take the time once in awhile to look at them. We may just find them if we keep our eyes peeled.  

I am including the most recent posting from the National Missing Children's Day List of 2013. Go to the website and take a look too. Maybe another miracle will occur!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

#Giveaway: Nest Fragrances Candle and Diffuser

2014-04-19 07.23.01 - Copy

Do you love candles as much as I do or like having your home smell fresh? Well, check out this giveaway.

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Because they are so great Michelle of Mom's Six Little Monkeys wants her readers to try them out and is giving away one of these candles to one lucky reader. Good luck, enter below!

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Unique, are you? #atozchallenge that possible?
Is it really possible to live in a world where they tell us to be unified in our resolves, be unified in thought, be unified in actually be unique?

I think so.

I do not need to brag about my uniqueness like others do or choose to do because that is part of their job...think Hollywood. To me that is not being unique, it is bragging to make yourself look good.

No, to me uniqueness is how we feel about ourselves. How we act, dress, choose I know people who wear their hair in wild colors because they like it, they like how they feel. It is unique about them.

I know people who are boisterous, loud and almost intimidating but their uniqueness comes from the fact they would give you the world if they could, even the shirt off their back.

I know people who have not a penny to their name, nor the best clothes, or some who even do not have a home but they will smile at you and say hello, just to make your day not asking anything in return. That is their uniqueness.

I know people who can write books, can do beautiful art, can take lovely photos. All of these are unique for them.

Do you strive to be unique or are you just unique?
Tell me a little about you and what makes you unique. I am listening.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TAG, You're It! #atozchallenge

TAG, YOU'RE IT! We used to yell wildly as we played on the playground of our school or even at home on our vast land. There were endless games we played and ran around like crazy banshees.

The games were sometimes not just poking someone in the ribs as we tagged them but the game of freeze tag where we had to stand still until someone came and rescued us.  There are tons of variations of the game. Here is a list if you would like to know some of them.

I don't remember ever liking being "it". Maybe it was because of the whole chasing after people. *chuckles* I don't know really. It seems like it was just one pain in the toosh but yet, I played the game a ton of times. I suppose it is the way it is when you are a kid or at least when I was.

Did you ever think about the fact that sometimes we still "play" freeze tag as adults? We become "tagged" in life for some reason or another and we then do not move forward. We are "frozen" in place waiting for someone or something to rescue us. It is sort of nutty in some ways but also understandable in others.

I guess I will be  "it" one more time and play this game called life. TAG YOU'RE IT... get moving and go have some fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sarcasm #atozchallenge

Sarcasm is a gift or maybe a curse. I suppose it really depends on who the person is. 
For example, if you hear sarcasm coming from the likes of Jim Carrey then you would think it is his artistic talent coming through. However, maybe you hear it from you next door neighbor once too often. Can't he ever be serious you might want to ask yourself?

Sarcasm can be well placed and I have been known to be a bit sarcastic at times but serious when need be.
Are you sarcastic by nature? Tell me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll...4M's and the Letter "R" #MondaysMusicMoves Me #atozchallenge

Welcome back to another Monday's Music Moves Me with your host Xmas Dolly, Collette of JAmerican Spice, Cathy of Curious as A Cathy, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked and of!


This week's Spotlight Dancer is...Coffee Bar Confessions. Congrats!

We have a theme this week which I think will appeal to many..."A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll. As I am still carrying on with my A-Z blog challenge, I will be incorporating the letter "R" into this week's theme.

Hmm...let's see what I have for you...

First up for a little bit country: I am not sure if you consider her "country" or not but I cannot get enough of her. Adele's Rolling In The Deep

Staying on the country side of things: Crystal Gayle's Ready For Times To Get Better

Now moving on into a little bit of rock 'n roll: Elo's Rock 'n Roll Is King

And finally to shore up the rock: The King of Rock 'N Roll himself, Elvis' Raised On Rock

Have a good week. Join me tomorrow for the letter "S".

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quietly Quilted Quotes #atozchallenge

Quoted Quilts
By MR aka Naila Moon
All rights reserved 2014

Quietly I quilted quotes on a Spring day.
Stitching gently without a quirk.
Quintuplet quotes spread across the quilt.

My hands did not quiver,
But ran smoothly in a quick pace.

No one quibbled about my quotes upon my quilt,
And I am sure you will not either.

For you are quite content
To watch my quest,
To finish my quality of quoted quilts.
For I am the queen of them.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Postcards! I want them! #atozchallenge

I am not sure if you know are not but I have this thing about postcards. If you follow me on Facebook at all, you already know this.

As part of a fun goal for myself, I decided I wanted to collect postcards sent to me from different people in all 50 states. It is a lofty goal but quite doable. I am well on my way.

I also knew that the two hardest to get would probably be Hawaii and Alaska. I was thrilled when two days ago I received one from Hawaii!!! Anyone know anyone from Alaska?

Anyway, it is fun connecting to others in a different sort of way. I would love to receive one from you and hear from you. Duplicates are ok because it means more people want to connect.
I also want to hear from you if you do not live in the States. I collect those too, just not a goal...yet!

If you are interested, go over to my Facebook page and drop me a line and I will give you my address. Until then, hang tight, catch me tomorrow for the letter "Q" and have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday and A Song with an "O"! My Grandpa was an ornithologist of sorts. There was even a song? #atozchallenge


noun \ˌr-nə-ˈthä-lə-jē\
: a branch of science that deals with the study of birds

My Grandpa was an ornithologist! Well, sort of. My Grandpa loved all kinds of birds. I never asked him, but I am guessing since he grew up in the country backwoods of Missouri, I am guessing he began liking them as a young boy.

Even though technically he did not have a degree in the science he still liked to study them, look at them, enjoy them, and see what new ones he could find. Most people would call this "birding" today.

My Grandparents always had small bird statues in their home. I think most people thought that the statues belonged to Grandma but the truth was, those belonged to Grandpa. He would like to take them down off the shelf and talk about what each one was. He knew!

My Mother had started giving him those bird statues years ago and he loved everyone, even up until the time of his death. It was sad to see them go to someone else.

I am grateful though to have had a chance to learn a little from him and enjoy his birds while I still could.
Check out the song I found out about the science. This is for Grandpa.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nashville Star! #atozchallenge

Nashville to me is a great place among other places in the country. Why there you may ask?

Well, in truth, it has nothing to do with Faith Hill or any other country music star, although, that is a nice perk too.  Not to mention, Elvis who used to roam around there too.

It has nothing to do with the fact that two Presidents hail from the area and that one of the homes driveway is shaped like a guitar. Do you know which two Presidents?

It has nothing to do with the fact that there is a famous hotel there that a brand of coffee is named after. Do you know the coffee or the hotel?

It has nothing to do with the fact the Grand Ole Opry or Dolly World is there.

No, what it does have everything to do with is the fact, I was born there!
Does that now make me a Nashville, Tennessee star?

Music is Life, Miniature Size! #atozchallenge

My miniature post today comes via a third generation. As I have posted many times before, I have an insatiable love for music. It is something my husband and I truly share on almost an equal plane. My kids love music too and now, that has been passed on to a third grand-kids.

I recently made this art piece from a photo my daughter posted on line of my 1 year old grandson. Doesn't he look happy to be listening to music? I cannot say what he was actually listening too but it really does not matter. The torch is being passed! Music is life!

Today I will share a couple of  "M" pieces of music for you and in honor of my miniature musical munchkin and the beautiful moon we have been seeing the last few nights. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Loving Monday's Music Moves Me with a Little "L" #atozchallenge & #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Welcome back to another week of Monday's Music Moves Me. This fun weekly music meme is hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Stacy, Cathy, Colette and myself.

This week is a freebie week so I hope you will indulge me as I combine music with the ongoing a to z blogging challenge that I have been participating in this month. We are on the letter "L" today and parting from my usual post, I though I would come up with some "L" music. Let's go!

 Let's start first with this retro one by Minnie Riperton : Loving You

Moving on we find the group the Delfonics singing: La La La (Means I Love You)

I cannot ever help having a lively song with the Muppets. This one is, Life's A Happy Song

Lastly, this song is sung in 25 different languages : Let It Go

Hope you loved my "L" songs for today. Join me tomorrow for "M".
Don't forget to Link Up your music too!