Saturday, January 31, 2015

Song-Suasion: It Got Stuck!

Happy Saturday everyone. I am hanging out with my musical friend Cathy K. today for Song-suasion. It is mid-afternoon here so, I am obviously a bit late. No matter, it is always music time!

You know sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and this week was the case. So, I thought I would share it with you. :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

An open letter to someone I used to know...

Dear B.P,

It has been decades since I last wrote to you a real letter. Can you imagine?! I was still in grade school, 8th grade, but almost ready to go into high school. You were a bit older than me, I think at least 2-3 years maybe. For sure, you were already in high school but I loved getting your letters.

Did you know that I kept them in a special tin box? I did! I also hid them in my room so that my brothers did not get a hold of them. If they had, I never would have heard the end of it.

I don't know if you know or not, but I had a thing for you back then. Oh sure, Todd. was always in my classroom and I had an eye for him but wrote me letters and made me feel special. Seriously, I read and reread every single one.

Do you remember the first time that I wrote a sign off greeting in a different language? Oh yes, it became our thing to do.I don't know if you know but I found that phrase in the back of a Webster's Dictionary. Again, can you imagine?

Your words to me were beautiful and I always coveted them. Sometimes those words were the only thing that kept me going when I was seemingly having a bad time. Did you know?

Do you remember the time you called the radio station in my area and dedicated a song to me? I have never forgotten that, although, I seriously do not remember the song. Anyway, I remember you telling me about it later in one of your letters. It made me feel special and I never have had anyone else ever do that for me.

I remember you were a music nut too. You often wrote me lists of music you were listening to or music you thought I should listen to. I did too! I did because you asked me to.

Then, I went to high school. I heard from you that first year but less and less. I guess to this day, I never knew why. Then, your letters stopped altogether and I forever lost touch with you. It saddened me but for awhile, I still had your letters to reread.

Then, I didn't anymore. I don't know what happened to them.

I just wanted to say, thank you for making me feel like somebody...somebody special.

Even though it is 30+ years later, I never forgot about you and always wondered about you. My question now is...

Did you become a priest?

En ami,
Note for my blog readers, This is not a fake person or fake memory but a very real person. I have deleted his name and places that might identify him on purpose. This letter however was written as a blog prompt but quite heartfelt and true memories of him.  Tell me someone you used to know, what one thing would you say to him/her.~Naila Moon

Thursday, January 29, 2015

#Giveaway: Java Factory Coffee For Keurig

I was asked to promote this giveaway on behalf of PaulaMS and received no compensation for the post other than links on the Rafflecopter. ~Naila Moon
40 Count Java Factory Single Cup Coffee Giveaway Jan 30 - Feb 22 #javafactory

Java Factory Variety Pack Single Cup Coffee:
  • Let's you try a bunch of different flavors and roasts and figure out which one you like best
  • Are compatible with Keurig Original K-Cup Brewers, not compatible with Keurig 2.0 Brewers
  • Made from 100% Fresh Roasted Arabica coffee
  • Has a new filter system delivers more taste per cup

40 Count Java Factory Single Cup Coffee Giveaway Jan 30 - Feb 22 #javafactory

My Thoughts:
When I tried Java Factory's Vanilla Dream is I decided that it was heaven in a cup and that a new favorite coffee! I added it to my wishlist so that my Mom would get me some for Christmas and when my second box of this awesome coffee arrived I couldn't wait and made a cup in the middle of the day. While Vanilla Dream is still my favorite, I enjoy all the different coffees in the variety box. Each one is smooth, flavorful, and delicious. My boyfriend tried several different ones. He likes a stronger coffee so the taste and the kick that Da Bomb offers appealed most to him. The variety box lets us both have our favorites. I would highly recommend Java Factory Single Cup Coffee to anyone that loves a great cup of coffee.

Two Rivers Coffee has graciously offered to give one lucky winner a 40 count variety box of Java Factory Single Cup Coffee for Keurig K Cup Brewers! For your chance to win just enter on the widget below. Remember the more entries you do the better your chances are of winning.

Can't Wait? Get Your Java Factory Variety Pack Today!

40 Count Java Factory Single Cup Coffee Giveaway Jan 30 - Feb 22 #javafactory


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40 count box of Java Factory Single Cup Coffee Giveaway

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#Review:Luxury Day by Day Blotting Paper #beautytips

Imagine this, you are getting ready for the biggest day of your life. You have your makeup just perfect and all is right in the world. Now, it is time to take photographs and you look in the mirror to make sure the makeup is just perfect still. 

Oh no! Your face is glowing and not in a good way. You have shiny face! What to do?

What you can do is grab one of these wonderful little Luxury Day by Day blotting papers and make things ok again.  Just one of these little papers is all you need to remove excess oil and shine from your face in an instant. They really do work! 
Don't believe me? Well, I tested them out on myself. See...?

I honestly had no idea I even had oil on my face. Believe me, I was shocked, but I also know they work and work well.

These come in two packs with 100 premium sheets each. I think they are worth it if you truly want to be photo ready. Also, don't let the smallness of the packaging fool you. This is a good size to throw in your purse or pocket book to be readily available as any needs arise.

What are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I purchased this product with a code off given to me by the company via
The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

7 Things I Would Rather Do Than Clean My Bathroom

Does anyone really like to clean their bathroom? If you do, I think we need to have a conversation but if you don't, then I am right there with you.

Not to upset you men who read my blog, but what is with you guys? I grew up as the only girl in my house other than my Mom. Seriously, AIM PLEASE! For the love of all that is good, AIM!

Here are seven things I would rather do than clean the bathroom...

  1. Dance on top of my kitchen table, wearing an adult onsie (nods to Jenn R.), while blasting music from the TV.
  2. Sew my head into our bedroom carpet.
  3. Run up to the highest building and drop eggs on passer-byers.
  4. Watch 72 hours straight of Doctor Who while eating nothing but mac-n-cheese.
  5. Go down to the 16th Street Mall (in Denver), strip down to my underwear and ask people if they like my new clothes.
  6. Wear a red blanket as a cape around my neck, go into Walmart and tell people I have come to save the day.
  7. Crown myself Queen, and go to McDonald's and hold court.
What seven things would you rather do? Tell me in comments. ~Naila Moon

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Java Me Up! Coffee-Fueled Energy Bars! #shopletreviews

My household was sent these Java Me Up! Coffee-fueled energy bars in mocha almond to try out. At first, I was not sure I would like them because I am not a coffee kind of gal.  I did try one though and actually, I do like them. They might just be the pep I need in the mornings.

However, since I thought I might be biased...aka not like them...because I do not care for coffee, I had Tamirisc try them out instead. He is the coffee person around here and somehow, I knew he would definitely, like them. Here is what he had to say...

Well, what do you think? Are you going to try them? I am telling you, as someone who does not like coffee, these are good! These are certainly "coffee with a bite!"

Some additional info.:

  • All Natural (coffee, chocolate, almonds, and rolled oats, dipped and drizzled with dark chocolate
  • 160 calories
  • 5G Fiber
  • 6G Protein
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Low in sodium
  • Half-a-cup of coffee in every bar

Disclosure: I received 1 box of 12 bars to try for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own or that of my household and may differ from yours.
~Naila Moon

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#Review: AYL Starlight 330 LED Light

I recently received this little lamp called the AYL Starlight 330 LED Light. Now, I have to tell you, when I saw the box it came in, I was ready for disappointment. I seriously thought there was no way that this little lamp, that only measure 7 inches tall, is going to put out any kind of light.

I couldn't have been more wrong! This little lamp packs a punch! To prove it I put it through some tests. Now mind you, these test were non-scientific and one totally not intentional but the AYL passed with flying colors. 

The first test: I unintentionally dropped the AYL lamp on the floor. The top came flying off but guess what, it did  not break, nor did the lamp itself.  I was horrified that it might not work for the review but it did! The top lamp part is actually made to twist off so  the lamp can be used upside down. Hooks on the bottom and the top allow you to position this gem either way.

The next thing I wanted to do is really test the brightness. Sure, it is bright when all the lights are on but I wanted to know if I could really see to do something when all the lights were off. So, I decided to write my whole post for this review, just by the AYL lamp light. Here is proof...

I have had no problem seeing my laptop or what I am writing. The nice thing about this lamp is it does have two bright light sources. All you have to do is push the button in front for what brightness you want. Oh, and if you are in an emergency situation, it has a blinking function too. Win!

Here are some other functions:
  • Low-High-Flashing-Off functions
  • Runs on 3 D size batteries
  • Sturdy rubber and plastic molding for maximum durability
  • Removable top for focused lighting
  • Low pulse LED indicator light ensures lantern can be located in an emergency
  • Built for maximum water resistance

I seriously, cannot say enough about how much I really do like this lamp! However, if I have not convinced you, then purchase one for yourself anyway. You can't go wrong! 

Discloure: I was provided a coupon to purchase this lantern for review. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tuesday Spotlight #Giveaway and #Review Link Up 1/27/15

Are you in the Spotlight? I am joining Xmas Dolly every Tuesday for one of the best giveaway linkys around. Link up your giveaways and reviews and be seen! Please grab our brand new blog button and post on your blog. We would appreciate it!


Orkin #BedBugFeud and #Giveaway: ends February 9th

I don't know about you but I absolutely HATE bugs or rodents of any kind. They can stay outside of course, but in my, no, NO! What is even worse is if they get in your bed. YIKES!

Well, Orkin is one place you could call to take care of those pesky bugs. Those things are awful and you certainly don't want to get bit by them. Play the Bed Bug Feud game and beat the clock to make the leader board. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

At Orkin, they use the latest technology and training to develop effective treatments that can give you peace of mind. To learn more or schedule an appointment visit or call 1-800-800-ORKIN

Orkin is giving away a CleanRest Complete Pillow Encasement to help you have that clean home you always expect to have. Simply enter in the Rafflecopter below. Make sure you read the disclosure carfeully.

Disclosure: Naila Moon of Just the Stuff Ya Know was asked to promote this giveaway. I will be receiving a pillow case for the post but the views are 100% my own. You MUST enter the first entry due to time constraints for this giveaway but it does not solely constitute a win for you. You must at least enter one or more entries to be eligible.
The giveaway is open to ages 18+ and U.S. residents only. The giveaway runs from Jan 26-Feb. 9, 2015 MST The winner will be drawn at random by Rafflecopter. I am not responsible for prize shipment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Orkin on Facebook: Ask The Orkin Man® on Twitter: Orkin YouTube channel:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Freebie Day!

Welcome back to another Mondays Music Moves Me. This fun musical extravaganza is hosted byXmas Dolly and co-hosted by Becca, Colette, Stacy and myself. Link up for some fun time. Remember we have two linkys for now. The first linky is for social media sign up. The musical linky is below.

This week tends to be a favorite for all as it is a freebie week. Which means we get to post what we are listening to and would like you to listen to as well.

Friday night, I happened to catch a movie I had never seen starring Tom Cruise. It was called, "Rock of Ages". The movie was a remake from a Broadway musical which paid homage to big hair bands, boy bands, and '80s music. Of course I was inspired!

That long explanation leads me to the first entry of the day.

The first big hair bands is none other than Journey. A favorite that I often belted tunes from. This concert was live in Houston in 1981.

Next up: In the 1980' Robert Palmer was hitting the charts with several great songs. This one was from 1985. To this day I cannot figure out what the pale faced, red lip-women was all about but man, could they play!

Finally: Another singer and band that I loved, also big hair, was Bon Jovi. He rocked the house and made the women swoon. He is still singing music today but he looks nothing like he did back then. Let's rock on out of here with this song!

Link up the music below and rock on! ~Naila Moon

Sunday Sayings: About Having a Gentle Heart

I asked my husband to give me a topic for today. The first thing he said was, "a gentle heart." I am not sure why he told me this topic in particular but it did stick to me like glue. See if these quotes hit your soul today! ~Naila Moon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Song-Suasion...I love #music!

I am once again joining up with my pal, Cathy from who loves music too! Go check out her blog when you can. Today I am offering a band I have always loved, I am sure they are familiar to you as well.

This band played from 1959-1972 until the lead singer broke out on his own. The band was originally know as Tommy Fogerty and the Blue Velvets and then the Golliwogs. Believe it or not, they never had a #1 hit but came very close.

The band played for Woodstock at 3AM in the morning following the band The Grateful Dead but hated their performance so much they never wanted mention of it anywhere.

Band Members:
John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook, and Doug Clifford

What is this group you ask?

Rock on! ~Naila Moon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Biannual Blog-a-thon Weekend Launch. Are you there? #blogathon2

It's here! The Biannual Blog-a-thon is finally here and I am only 7 hours late in my launch post. I couldn't sleep last night so once I did, I ended up sleeping in late. Ah well, no matter, we can certainly start at any time. So, here I am!

For those who are unaware, this weekend is designed to get that to-be-done pile for blogging down to a workable breathe. We all know that blogging does not always mean physical blogging either, it can mean many things. I began by straightening my desk so I could see my laptop.
For other examples, here is what I have in mind to do this weekend:

  1. Clean the bathroom...oh wait, that is another list. 
  2. Review several books and pre-post them.
  3. Pre-post a week of blogs for this page
  4. Reorganize my desk drawers (I can't find stuff!)
  5. Update Facebook pages
  6. Tweet during the Twitter chat (This is fun!)
  7. Write a few stories
  8. Do a few mini-challenges
  9. Create a new blogger book
  10. Update social media pages
  11. Drink wine.  Just seeing if you were paying attention!
  12. Eat, breathe, sleep, repeat

As with the last blog-a-thon, I have a  blogging buddy. She is a bit bigger than last time and is going to be two soon. She also knows how to use the keyboard these days although, admittedly, unless you can decipher her works, you may not understand.

Anyway, she wanted me to post her photo so here she is!

Comment below. I would love to hear from you!
Happy blog-a-thon weekend everybody! ~Naila Moon

Free Blogger Opportunity #Announcement

FREE Blogger Opportunity: 40 Count Java Factory Single Cup Coffee Giveaway sign ups end 1/28

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Two Free Links with Announcement and Agreement to Post the Giveaway no later than Feb 1.

You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#Giveaway: Adorampix Ends 2/6/15

Hi there! I have seen the following calendars before and they are absolutely cool. Wouldn't you want a calendar that is all your own? Sure you do! I was asked to promote this on behalf of Xmas Dolly, check it out and possibly win your own! ~Naila Moon

No need to start from scratch, their designers have done all the hard work and created dozens of templates to choose from. Just add your photos and special dates and you can be done in minutes! Just click on one of the selections to get started, and you're on your way to your very own designed calendar!
adoramapix logo

Xmas Dolly had the opportunity to make a calender at! Amazingly easy. She thought of a theme, gathered a few pics, and WAH-LAH... DONE, and she loved it. She made a couple of different sizes, but she thinks she likes the 12x18 the best. Let me show you...

Photo calendars use only photo quality paper for crisp detail and vivid lifelike colors. Create your own personalized photo calendars and enjoy your most favorite moments all year round. You can choose from our exclusive designs or create your own with our powerful yet easy-to-use tool. Just choose a style and get started today. Don't settle for a cheap off-the-shelf stuff or from the dollar store when you can build your own quickly and easily with your own photos and all the helpful tools they have like different colored backgrounds, and different frames like wood or lace of different colors., and there's subtitles you can use too! Enjoy it and have tons of fun. All calendars are hand crafted and professionally inspected for color and density. Make your creative dream calendar come true. They're easy-to-use calendar builder makes it fun for anyone to build beautiful, professional quality calendars that you can show off to your friends and family.

So why wait around... want to build one today? The sponsor said they will offer one reader a poster size 12x18 top hanging calendar just like mine and all you have to do is enter below! Is that cool or what?
good luck

* Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post are 100% Xmas Dolly's. Naila Moon of Just the Stuff Ya Know was asked to promote this giveaway and no monetary compensation was given.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Are You In The Spotlight? Link Up Your #Giveaways!

Have you been in the spotlight lately? Why not? Here is one of the best linkys around to show off your giveaways and reviews. Come on in and look around!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Rock! #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Well, hello and welcome back to Monday. My gosh, I cannot believe we are already half way through the month. How does that happen?

Here we are at another terrific day to push our week off with a great start by posting music, Yes, it is time once again for MONDAYS MUSIC MOVES ME. This of course was said with flair and lots of bright lights.

I am co-hosting this fun shin-dig with our captain, Xmas Dolly and co-host, Becca, Stacy, and Colette. We have a theme for you this week. It is challenging but no doubt, my fellow musical people, you will manage it without a problem.

Post songs of bands and/or people with animal names in them.
The only rule is no one can post songs by The Beatles!
As clarification: the band or people have to have the name, not necessarily their songs.
As a hint, there are at least 100 bands/people with names of animals.
Before I get to that though, if you want to do the special follow linky here it is. NOTE: This is ONLY for following. Do not post music here. Post that below. I need Pinterest followers. How about you?
Now, back to the music. Ok, so I have got this! Put on your dancing shoes and let's go...
First up: Let us start out with Hootie and the Blowfish from 2000.

Next up: Let us throw back to one of my very favorite bands of the "80s. Off their 1987 album, I give you Def Leopard.

Finally: Let us keep rocking on with Blue Oyster Cult from 1976.

BONUS! What kind of fan would I be if I did not include these guys from 1966.

Link 'em up my friends.

Talking paper... HP EcoFFICIENT Paper #Review #shopletreviews

Today I want to talk to you about paper. I know, I know, it seems like a strange subject. For a bit, I thought it was too. Then I thought, why? We use paper almost everyday.

I use paper a lot in my home for notes, ideas, crafting and art, or to throw at Tamirisc. I am just kidding about that, I was making sure you were paying attention.

Did you know there are different weights for paper? I did but honestly, I really don't know much the difference but I do know that when I received this HP EcoFFICIENT paper it was definitely lighter, according to HP, 20% lighter!

It so happened that I actually needed paper for my printer and this paper works for any kind of printer. That is certainly a win. It is also suitable to print all kinds of things like documents and copies. I even used it to print some art items.

Look, they even sent me this nice mug which says what I just said. Hmm....

Another really nice thing about this paper as with other HP papers is that it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. What does that mean? Well, it means the consumer is guaranteed that the trees that have been used are harvested from a renewable source. In other words, they protect wildlife and natural resources we need. It means they replant when they take down a tree. I like that!

Some other tidbits about this paper:
  • 16 lb paper
  • Brightness of 92
  • Ultra bright whiteness 155
  • Per ream: 625 sheets 
  • 20% lighter than standard copy paper
  • Fits 125 more sheets in printer tray for less filling
I received all of these items from and could not be happier! Thanks for talking paper with me today.  It was a thumbs up conversation!

Disclosure: I received items from Shoplet for my open and honest review. The view expressed here is 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Song-suasion...quick post #music

Happy Saturday everyone. I am hanging out with my musical friend Cathy K. today for Song-suasion. It is mid-afternoon here so, I am obviously a bit late. No matter, it is always music time!

So, quickly posting let's get an up beat movin' and groovin' song.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...I'm back!

Hi everyone. It is Monday again and I am ready to rock out on the dance floor with you. Before I do I have an announcement...ready?

I am back as co-host for this musical fun extravaganza. Yep, I get to hang out with those musical gals of Xmas Dolly, Stacy, Becca, and Colette. I am excited to be back too. I took about a 6 month break but just could not stay away.

Just so there is no confusion, this first link up is a "follow" linky. You can add to it to if you need followers somewhere. I could use some followers on Instagram. Link what you need and I will be by. If you want to skip it, the link for music is below.

You might at this point be asking why I did not mention Cathy. Well, our friend had decided to leave the fold and pursue some blogging changes. She may pop in from time to time but no longer co-hosting.

So, having said that and the fact that this is a freebie week, I am dedicating the first song to her.

Moving on...

This past week I caught an episode of Ellen DeGeneres who had on Taylor Swift. Now, I admittedly never listened to her much but I enjoyed her music enough to post it here today.

Next I want to slow it down with an oldie but a goodie.

Finally: It has been awhile since I have heard this song. I really actually like it a lot, not sure why, I just do. It got me movin' today. Hope it does the same for you too.

Don't forget to link up. See ya soon! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Song-Suasion.. .Peter Hollens #music

I am back on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday to join my musical bud, Cathy for song-suasion.
I love finding new music or simply enjoying my old favorites. Either way, music is where I find inspiration, calmness, and plain old joy.

Today I am going to share some joy.

I recently found this singer over the holidays and I absolutely love his sound and his self-made videos. He sings with some of the top singers around for a sound that is out of this world! This particular song he made for his baby boy.

Have fun and enjoy the music! ~Naila Moon

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wordless(ish) Wed, a bit late. #WordlessWednesday

Check out my new scarf that was handmade by a friend. It was a Christmas present to me and I love it! I am a mess other wise!