PR and Legal Disclosure Policy

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I am currently a full-time employee for a major thrift store. I have two grown children and three young grandchildren. Another grandchild forthcoming November 2018. I love to blog about a multitude of things. Many of those things are about my family, friends, books, photography, theater, games, movies, and music.  I am an author of a published paranormal novella. I write short stories and poetry as well. My tastes are rather eclectic in nature.

I enjoy sharing those products and services that are beneficial to everyday living and entertainment.  In addition, I can review products and services for parents based upon my history as a parent and working for nearly 15 years with children in a pre-school and elementary school setting.
If you want me to host a giveaway or a review  to assist your brand please contact me at:

My disclosure policy for compliance with the new EU disclosure regulations can be found HERE

Requirements for PR:

  1. I do require that you send a free full-size product to me for review.
  2. I will not pay to review your product. If your product is delivered COD then I will return it.
  3. My review will be based on my honest opinion or of that of my household.
  4. My opinions are my own, final, and not subject to retaliation of any kind.
  5. If my review includes a giveaway, you the sponsor are responsible for shipping prize to the winning recipient.
  6. If you want a certain logo or button put on my review/giveaway, you the sponsor must provide that to me via our conversation through e-mail.
  7. I will promote your product in a myriad of ways which can include but not limited to: YouTube, Twitter, photographs, models, Pinterest and Facebook.
  8. Giveaways will run no longer than 2 weeks unless agreed upon between you, the sponsor, and me.
  9. I reserve the right to refuse products or services based on my own convictions.

I look forward to working with you soon!


Naila Moon aka M.M. Hudson (Michelle)

These policies are in effect from this day forward and will be reviewed and updated as necessary.
~revised May 2018~