Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday

1. I have not done 10 thoughts Tuesday in a long time. Warning they come very random.
2. For the life of me, I can't remember who inspired me today to start blogging 10 thoughts again. sigh...
3. Sheesh...it has been 3 hours since I started to blog this. Just as I was going to start blogging my daughter called and wanted me to take her to the ER again!
4. We spent 2 hours in the ER waiting room and she never was seen. We came home instead.
5. I have been having massive and I do mean MASSIVE back spasms for days not. It is miserable.
6. You would think that docs could do something to make them go away other that giving you pain meds. Seriously, it does not make them go away!
7. Heating pad and Tylenol are my best friends right now.
8. I missed the Biggest Loser tonight. I am going to have to watch it on the net.
9. Life in this little burg of mine has been quite chaotic. I really need to run away...or a vacation.
10. Well, there you have it. My 1st 10 thoughts Tuesday in a long time.  Hang out with me next time and tell me what's on your mind.

Peace...Naila Moon

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me

Hey ya all,
It is Monday and that can only mean it is music time hosted by Xmas Dolly. This week is kind of a funky theme for the 4M's which is favorite commercials past or present.  I suppose that still qualifies doesn't it? I mean many commercials have music in them.

 I'm not going to be grooving too much this week anyway as I am stiff as a board.  So, let's get to it.

When I first saw this was the theme for the week, this first one came to mind:(from 1970)

This next one I remember singing every time we would go by that section of the grocery aisle:(from 1974)

The next one is actually a Christmas commercial but definitely a favorite: (from 1988)

Another favorite Christmas commercial: ( from 1984)

Finally, I think if my hubby had done a commercial he would have looked like this back in the day: (from 1973)

Enjoy your week...
Naila Moon
Bonus!!! (Just because it was cute) 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Patiently awaiting...

I am patiently awaiting for April to arrive. I want it to get here soon. No, I don't want to rush the months as they already go by too quickly. What I am waiting for is the beginning of the A-Z blogging challenge.

Have you heard about this world famous challenge? Ok, maybe not world famous but a cool one at that. The challenge is to blog 26 days in April from A-Z. You do get to have the day off on Sundays with the exception of the 1st. It makes sense that the challenge would be in April too...you know, A for April!

As I said, I am waiting patiently. I have plenty of ideas for the mass gathering that is already well...amassing. Seriously! The last time I checked  732 bloggers had already signed up for the challenge.  I am lucky number 512. hee hee

Anyway, if you would like to sign up and put your mind to the alphabet, then head on over there and do so. It will be fun. I know it!

~Naila Moon

That Linky Thingy

image source:

Hello out there in Bloggerville.  Perusing around the villages I have seen people talking about Google closing something and have noticed all the Linky things showing up on people's pages.

It didn't take rocket science for me to figure out if I did not join up with their Linky soon they would disappear from my little piece of the world. I simply cannot have that happen!

So, I went to join only to find out that I had to get my very own Linky...now don't I feel special?  Please go over there----------->
and add me will you? Please oh please?!  I have over 100 followers now and I do not want to lose any of you out there in to the universe.
Really, I like coming to your pages and seeing what you have to say.

Also, if you do add me again, will you leave a comment that you did. I will certainly come over and check out your page and say hi if you do.

Humbly and grateful,
Naila Moon

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Pinning Party

It's Friday and that means it is "Triple P" day or other wise known at Pinsters Pinning Party. Ok, so it is a goofy title but who cares let's get down to pinning shall we?

This party is hosted by Natasha from Oz. Don't you just love she actually lives in Oz? Anyway, link up with her if you wish to join.

So, it has taken me a bit to get this post going because I keep finding great stuff to add to my existing boards and creating new ones.  This is what I want to share with you this week:

1. I just found this today and just thought it was too cool.

2. This next thing reminded me of when I was a kid. I will probably post a story about them at another time.

Source: fintoys.com via Naila on Pinterest

3. I also found this today. The photographer side of me is craving this bad!

Source: weibo.com via Naila on Pinterest

4. I found this and pinned it to my Mardi Gras board. Cute right?

Source: etsy.com via Naila on Pinterest

5. Finally, I want to share this with you. Wouldn't you just feel royal sitting in it?

Source: etsy.com via Naila on Pinterest

Oh and let's not forget the song pick of the week for you:

Happy Pinning...
~Naila Moon

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music Moves Me...Feb. 20, 2012

Photo credit: Tamirisc
Hello everybody!  It is Monday and Mardi Gras is winding down. *throws some beads your way* All the partiers are out on the streets and still enjoying some good food and fun while waiting for the Lenten season to begin.  

Since it is also, Monday that means it is  Music Moves Me time hosted by the lovely Xmas Dolly.

I thought I would toss out some party music for you today. So keeping with Mardi Gras, let's start out with this one:

Next up, you can't have New Orleans unless you have this:

How about we mambo to this:

Finally let's head on down the street to this:

Peace ya all...
Naila Moon

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stepping up on my soap box

*steps on my soap box*

image by: http://soapbox-tv.com/wordpress/?page_id=2

Ok, so I do not normally ever rant here or there or anywhere. Wait, I sound like Dr. Suess. 

Anyway, I was trying to comment on others photos and such over on my photo blog page.  I kept running in to the word verification thingy. Now, I know that people get spammed or they don't like comments or you name reason here---> but I have got to tell you, they are a pain in the royal patoot!

Those things slow you down when you are attempting to get to as many people as possible in the linky.  Seriously, I try to get to everyone if the linky is not too big. However, say you have 30 people and half of them have the word verification...well....

Please for the love of Mike, can we turn the dang things off? Go to monitoring if you want to. Please...can we?

*steps off box*

~Naila Moon

Thursday, February 16, 2012