Saturday, December 31, 2016

52 Weeks Project 2017

As the 2016 year closes, I find myself to be reflective, as many of us usually are. What have I done or not done this year? What can I do to make it better?  All of these questions on my mind in an endless circle.

I suppose the way I am looking at things is by the end of the year, things were much better than the beginning and I am moving forward. 2015 and 2016 were difficult years for me personally and 2016 a year of sadness for the loss of so many musical stars that I grew up with. I also lost a friend this past year too. The political upheaval this year was...well, do not even get me started on that.

However, there were many good things too: Road trips with my Mother, reunions, a baptism, a birth of a new grand-baby,  discoveries, a new church home and forgiveness. All things that give me hope and are of much more importance.

So, what do I look forward to in 2017...

Well, years ago I stopped making New Year resolutions. This year I tried the word of the year thing...for the record, it was DETERMINATION...I am not sure that worked for me so well. I often keep forgetting I had a word of the year.

So, this year...

I have decided to go back to the 52 weeks project. This project is a list of 52 things I would like to try or attempt throughout the year...preferably, one per week, thus the name. The idea is to at very least attempt, better yet, succeed. However, if I don't, I just don't and I do not have to feel bad about it like I would with a resolution. The list of ideas can be small, short term goals or larger, more loftier goals.

Here is my list thus far in no particular order:
1.  Write a new book
2.  Publish a new book
3.  Complete the ICAD 2017 Challenge in June
4.  Complete all reading challenges I set for myself
5.  Read at least 12 of my non-fiction list
6.  Do at least 12 art challenges/swaps for Art in Minature
7.  Buy a new piece of furniture
8.  Do at least 12 random acts of kindness
9.  Complete the 52 money challenge
10. Lose at very least 52 pounds
11. Buy new makeup and wear it
12. Host Thanksgiving dinner at my house
13. Buy a new complete set of pots and pans
14. Go visit my family in MO (or bring them here)
15. Slash my TBR pile in half (does not include new books)
16. See 12 new (to me) movies
17. Go on at least 12 "date" nights with my husband
18. Take up a scripture challenge
19. Be more diligent with my prayer list every day
20. Write in my regular journal everyday

more to come...Happy New Year! ~Naila Moon

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Barb said...

Wow that is a heck of a list. I think you've made it too impossible on yourself. Maybe break it up a little more to give yourself a chance? Like do a weekly goal of 1 act of kindness. A weekly goal of writing ONE Chapter for your new book. A weekly goal of losing ONE pound a week (which is what I am aiming for myself). Rewrite it like this and you will feel better about it or at least I think so. :)