Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Part 3...Mondays Music

This is week 3 of the month long Christmas music extravaganza going on over at the head elf, Xmas Dolly's place.  Want to join in? GO over and check it out. Mean while stay tuned right here for my picks of the week.

This week I was thinking of how hard Xmas Dolly's boss must be working right now. I mean after all Christmas is just around the corner right? So, I thought, I would play some songs dedicated to the Ole Man himself.

Let's start out with this one:

Next up:


Oh, let's do a bonus again this week!

Peace...see you next time, Naila Moon


  1. I am not sure why my post is showing as December 5th but I assure you it is actually the post for today, December 12th! Enjoy!!!
    ~Naila Moon

  2. Interesting choices, especially the Beach Boys.

  3. Good for you to do a post for the Big Man himself. Getting on his good side just in time to be on the "Nice" list, good idea, I wish I thought of that. =)
    My fave has to be the Beach Boys tune... Thanks for playing along again. Can't wait for next weeks songs.

  4. HO HO HO As the boss says ya done good & I checked and you're on the "NICE" list! Nick says he loves your choices & thanks for playing along with us today. See you next time... and to all a good-night!

  5. Glad to hear I am on the nice list. Thanks!
    ~Naila Moon


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