Thursday, December 8, 2011

The ultimate "gifts" to give...Top 10

Today over at Beth's meme of Top 10, she asks us to list those things we wished we could give to others if we absolutely could. I really had to think a moment about this...not too long, but a moment. What would I give or wish for another.

1. I would want to give my daughter a new baby to call her own. She lost a baby 3 years ago and has wanted one ever since.

2. I would also give my daughter a huge plot of land and a huge home to build the orphanage she has always wanted to have. She has always wanted to have a place where children without parents could come and live together in a loving home.

3. I would give every child that does not have a place to call home or parents to love them, my daughter to be their Mother.

Children's International
Child Fund
Compassion International
Adopt Us Kids

4. I would give my son a house for him and his family that is large and debt free for him, so he would no longer have to struggle and worry about a place to live.

5. I would give unlimited funding to both my children so they never had to worry about a place to live or getting things paid.

6. I would give my hubby a dream job so that he could support us and be able to feel whole again.

7. I would set up a trust fund for my Grand-baby to go to college on.

8. I do wish that I could bring back my Dad and my Grandma just so that all of us could be with them for a little longer. I know this is not something within my actual grasp but this is truly heavy on my heart these last few day.  I suppose along this lines then, I would want to make my Mother's Christmas as beautiful as possible so she can get through this.

9. I would give my hubby and my daughter-in-law driver's license and a brand new car to go with it.

10. I would find the cures for all diseases of the world. My nephew would never have to suffer from leukemia again or my friends and family suffer from cancer.

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. How beautiful! You have a very kind heart. ...and I wish I had the money to give to you to get all those wonderful things my friend! Have a great weekend.

  2. I feel for your daughter. It is so hard to long for a baby when it seems that everyone else is producing like rabbits! (Been there done that!) Praying that God would grant her the desires of her heart this coming year!

    And that he would fulfill the desires of your mother heart as well! Hugs to you, Naila Moon! Thanks for joining in!


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