Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top 10...Christmas Traditions (Dec. 15, 2011)

This week on Top 10 our lovely host, Beth asks us to name our Top 10 Christmas Traditions.  I do not think this will be too hard but I will see where it goes.

1. As I blogged about here the tradition of the Advent Candles

2. It has become a tradition to visit Our Lady of the Snows. The 
    place is so beautiful. Here a few photos from there.

The Grotto

A million lights

3. The kids and I always watched this on Christmas Eve or Day 
     depending on when we had Christmas together. We still do! ;)

4. We also watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Miracle on34th St.,
     and many others. My favorite one though is this one:

5. Putting money in the kettles. There is this lady here locally that sings carols as you go in to the store. Makes me smile.

6. Singing Christmas carols to the neighbors. Yeah, we really do.
    A few years ago when I was in high school, I roped my friends
    in to going house to house to sing. When my kids got older, I 
    took them and their friends.

7.  Since I married Tamirisc, it is the annual taking of our Christmas
     photo for our cards. This becomes craziness because Tamirisc
     usually does not cooperate. Oh, then there is our family 
     Christmas photo! See what I mean?

Tamirisc goofing off in 2009 for our cards.

Tamirisc goofing off this year for our cards!

Christmas " Family Photo" prior to marriages in 2007

Can you say awkward Christmas "Family photo"  in 2009?

8. Listening to Christmas music.

9. Decorating! My Mother starts the weekend after Thanksgiving 
    and almost up to her annual party.Traditionally, she did inside
    and Dad and I did outside ( to stay out of her way). I missed not
    being able to decorate with my Dad. Actually, he just kind of 
    supervised. lol

One of the Nativity in our condo last year

My niece surrounded by some of my Mom's decor

Part of my snowman collection

10. Family!! There is nothing like family for the holidays. We are a 
      rather large family as families go. This year though it is different
      as we lost two of our members this year and that is tough on us
      and certainly different. We miss them loads!

Extended family with Grandma 2009

Some of us with Dad last year
Peace...Naila Moon


  1. Sorry for the crazy editing. THis is the way it came out in Blogger. I had it all correct to begin with. Go figure.

  2. I know the losses are hard. Hopefully the happier memories will see you through.


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