Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LIttle Libraries Everywhere

I am a great proponent of literacy for all. By being able to read one is able to gain knowledge they never had before and possibly even boost themselves out of poverty.

I love to read. Believe me, I read everything! I used to drive my Mom crazy reading cereal boxes while eating breakfast. *chuckles*
I have several books on my shelf to read and several I am in the process of reading.

That is why I was delighted today when I came across the idea of Little Free Libraries. Essentially, it was a brain child created in order to share good books with other people and to create a better community.  People build these little libraries and then fill them with about 20-30 books the person has already read. If someone takes a book then that person is asked to share another book by bringing it to the little library.  It is an awesome way to recycle books and to read ones that have not been read yet.   I thought what a cool idea and I want one! You can read more about them by clicking on the link above. Check it out! ;)

Peace...Naila Moon

PS> Just so you know, I was not solicited by them and did not receive any compensation.


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