Thursday, February 2, 2012


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You know our world is just too noisy. We as a people seriously cannot enjoy the sound of silence. It is a sound you know.

If we are taking a shower, we have to have the radio on to sing to it. If we are reading or studying we need the radio on to "help" us. Or in the case of my hubby, he needs the TV on.We need music in the background as we make love.  We need music on or in some cases a movie on so we can travel to and from places.

There is simply noise everywhere. 

I can't even go outside to enjoy the sounds of nature (which is of course different sound) without some noisy train or crazy driver going by to just ruin it all.

There is simply noise EVERYWHERE.

I try to meditate to block out the noise some times.  I am sitting there almost in the zone when the phone rings, my son comes in and slams the door, my mom is running the microwave and the dog outside is barking.


I finally decide that I am going to post about how noisy our world is. It is finally quiet in the house, as nobody has been home for two hours. It is quiet...ahh....but then...

My husband comes through the door with a pile of books and begins to talk to me about the stuff he read on the internet and then the phone rings and it is my mom and...

Oh, I give up. 

~Naila Moon

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