Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...May 15, 2012....I'm back!

1. Hey, I am back with 10 Thoughts Tuesday. The day I throw out my 10 thoughts of the moment to you and hope you don't gag.

2. I came across this great Dad blogger who wrote a song about comments. You know we all love comments...well, at least I do.

3. Go here to check out the song.   

4. I was just reading about some elephants that came to pay homage to a guy that rescued him. He passed away in March. amazing story. Go and read it. You will be amazed too at the specialness they had with the guy.  Elephant Whisperer
5. I am continuing to receive postcards from all over the world. My Tamirisc receives them too. Most recently from Siberia!

6. Do people still claim to live in Siberia? Why? Is it not just freezing there.

7. See, I told you my thoughts were random when it comes to 10 thoughts.

8. You still with me? Good! don't go away. :)

9. Have I recently mentioned my daughter is pregnant with my 2nd grand-baby? No? Hmmm....

10.  Surprised you with that one, didn't I?  

Bonus thought:I am amazed at how quickly my 10 thoughts get poured out on to here.  I suppose I would do 20 thoughts but that would just be ridiculous. Right?!

Extra-bonus thought: If you would like to join me with your thoughts, post them, grab The Thinker (soon I will have the button up for you) and come back to tell me you did. I will come visit. You know I will. So, what are your thoughts today?

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. I write Thoughts on Thursday, wouldn't dare do 10 thoughts b/c I write too much and my readers would fall asleep. :-)

  2. Well.... I'm reading your 10 thoughts on Friday :) Can we say Debra is very behind!!!
    Hugs to you "Grandma" x2 :)


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