Monday, May 14, 2012

Mondays Music...May 14, 2012

Hey all! It is Monday and that of course means it is time for my favorite meme hosted by Xmas Dolly...Mondays Music Moves Me.
This week is no theme week but you know I always enjoy giving you something special. Right?

A few night back, Tamirisc and I watched the movie Mr. Holland's Opus. I have seen the movie several times before but I think this time it just really spoke to me.

Therefore, this week I am sharing some of the wonderful music that came out of that movie.

Let's get started with this one: (this song is only named the way it is because of the character in the is sung by Julian Lennon.)

Next up: (now from the father-John Lennon. Note: this is from the movie so the ending was changed slightly...Richard Dreyfuss did sing this and signed it. *smiles*)

Next: (a bit of George Gershwin)


Finally: (Let's boogie on outta her with this one)

Peace...Naila Moon

Spotlight Dancers

PS>Come back tomorrow for the return of 10 Thoughts Tuesday! You know you wanna.


  1. I LOVED Mr. Holland's Opus - and I love all your song choices, too. ;) Thanks for playing along, Naila - have a great week! :)

    Good Girls Gone Bad with Angel Eyes and a Lightstick – Safe and Sound

  2. the second video was interesting. thanks for sharing that. It looks like it was from a movie, right?

  3. That song with the sign language definitely brought tears to my eyes, but then your come back with Ella one of my mom's favorites and the got me thinking of high school with Louie Louie lol Such a mixture of emotions. You're the bomb. Thanks for playin'.

  4. I haven't seen Mr Holland's Opus is years, probably since my teaching days. I forgot how much I loved it. Thanks for highlighting the music from it.

  5. I don't think I've ever seen Mr. Holland's Opus, but I'm quite curious to watch it now that you've showcased some of the great music in it!

    Great choices for this week's freebie theme :)

    Have a musical week!

    1. Oh you should. The movie and music is amazing!

  6. Now I need to see Mr Holland Opus!

    Great selections dear.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  7. Signing & music is so beautiful. Great job on rocking with us! See ya next week....or who knows maybe before then. 😊


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