Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...pre-Memorial Day edition


 1. Hello everyone. Sliding in here today with my thoughts on a truly lovely afternoon.
2. I am stuck in the house with no car and packing clothes-round one.
3. My hubby is leaving for Colorado this week and we will be apart for at least a month. Hope this works out ok.
4. Being unemployed does stink!
5. Packing round two will be in a day or two. I am headed to Indianapolis for the car races with my Mom.
6. No, I am not a big car race fan but my Dad was. He wanted his ashes scattered at Indy. So, that is what he is getting.
7. Round three commences in a week or so because my Mom and I are taking a road trip to Sedona and Las Vegas. I can't wait for that!
8. I have not been to Las Vegas since I was 19. Wheee.....
9. So, my daughter went to the doctor today and she is 12 weeks pregnant.  I did tell you that right?
10. Well, another quick 10 down and no one was hurt in the process. LOL 

Bonus thought: Do not forget to join my Friday for Featured Faces. I will be pre-posting that probably sometime today. Have a good week.

Bonus thought after the bonus thought: Do you like the new blog button above? Thanks to my friend, Marie who made it for me. I can't make them for the life of me. Please grab it and post your thoughts.

~Naila Moon

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  1. Ok... I think I am missing something.... ????
    Are you guys moving back to Colorado???


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