Wednesday, May 2, 2012

26 letters of the alphabet and nothing to about followers?

Well, as you know it is May and those of us that did the alphabet challenge are asking, "What do we do now?"  I suppose that is a ligitamate question as we had something to blog about everyday.

Does that mean I am out of topics or ideas? Heck, no!  When I prepared for the challenge I wrote down tons of ideas, some I used and some I went off the cuff. However, right now, I have other things to do. For example, Relay For Life comes up on Friday and I have to prepare! Sheesh, I am the captain after all.

However, no fear, I will be back next week with my regular scheduled programs...whatever that is. Fun, excitement will be in the air. Wheeeeee....

Begins this Friday!

Beginning Friday, I will be starting something new. It will be all about YOU! *points at the computer* You see, I gained a couple of new followers with this blog over the last few weeks and I have many that have been following me a while. I cherish you all. Really, I do! All 113 of you as of this posting.

So, I am going to start featuring two blogs every Friday until I am done. It is something I actually had begun elsewhere and called it Featured Faces Friday. That is my Grandma up there in the photo. She was all of 3 years old. When you are featured by me, then you are welcome to put her "button" on your page.

Come back Friday and see who I am featuring this week. Better yet, come back everyday and comment. I like to see you.

Peace and thanks always...Naila Moon


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon