Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pre-Memorial Day ...why I went

By the time you read this, I will already be in Indianapolis for the Memorial Day weekend 500 car race.  I will certainly be hot but I will not be alone as there will be thousands others.

However, I most likely will be the only person, other than my Mom, who will be there remembering my Dad and laying his ashes to rest.

You see, my Dad began going to the races practically from the time he was born. Since he was born in Indiana, it sort of makes sense. He went every year except for when my twin brothers were born and when I graduated from High School...truth be known, I think he went then. He was unable to go the last two years of his life due to his health.

In any case, he was a crazy fan. So crazy that come May 1st, Dad started watching the stats and all on TV and you best just not bother him.

But coming to Indianapolis was like coming home for Dad. He cried when the song "My Home in Indiana" was sung and cried again at the end of the race.  Yes, Indianapolis was indeed home and that is where he always told us where he wanted to be in the end...home!

Dad passed away last June and was cremated per his wishes. It was always understood that we were to bring his ashes to Indianapolis 500 the very next race...aka this weekend...and spread his ashes over the track as best as we could.

My brothers could not make it for reasons of their own and have decided to come later. However, my Mom and I are here. We are braving the horrible heat, swollen ankles and such to be here. Here where Dad wanted to be....Home in Indiana.

I miss you Dad. 

Love to you always,
Your Mashugana


  1. What a wonderful daughter you are to carry out his wishes. Is it legal to spread his ashes on the track? I know my brother wanted his on a lake, not legal here, but my sister managed to do it anyway. We do what our hearts tell us.

  2. Linda-
    I will just answer this way..."We do what our heart tells us." *smiles*
    They were spread but not directly. We couldn't have done that.


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