Thursday, April 14, 2016

L: LaBamba by Ritchie Valens #atozchallenge

Hello everyone...welcome back to my blog and more music. As you know by now, I am blogging it A-Z for the April A-Z challenge. Today we are on the letter "L".

The singer I am going to share with you was up and coming in the late 1950's. He brought to the music world what was then called, Chicano Rock. Unfortunately, his voice was squelched in the plane crash that also killed, The Big Bopper, Billy Holliday, and Buddy Peterson, which is now known as, "The Day the Music Died".
Ritchie Valens was and is still known for the song, LaBamba, a song he adapted from a Mexican folk song.

Note: The video below is from the movie about his life and that is not the true person. However, this is his famous song. ~Naila Moon

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  1. Love that movie and this actor sure had him down to a T didn't he? Great choice there, girlfriend. You been hoppin' around much lately?


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