Sunday, April 24, 2016

Monday's Music Moves Me is for "U"! #atozchallenge #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Welcome back to the final week of April! I have been cruising along amongst a crazy whirlwind of stuff to bring you some fantastic music every day. If you are just coming by from the A-Z challenge, I welcome you.  I am here every Monday spinning some tunes with my musical pals!

They are hostess-Xmas Dolly, who has also been doing the A-Z Challenge and co-hosts, Colette, and Stacy. We rock out with a great group that comes back consistently every Monday. Join us, won't you?

This week, we have a theme which is 80's/90's music favorite artist but not necessarily their hits. Whoa...a challenge upon a challenge, as this is also the letter "U" for me. ( I may have to not do the "hit" part, we shall see.)

I want to pay homage (like a ton of people already have) to "The Purple One" that passed away this past week. Prince could have been classified as his own genre of music. He was among the few truly talented musical superstars that left us way too soon. I am sharing a song with you that he sang with Sheena Easton. It is no doubt provocative. It was also not easy to find as Prince had most all of his music removed from YouTube. In truth, I am not sure even this will come across well enough to produce the genius he was. I still wish I had his album. Here is..."U Got the Look"

This next artist's song falls to the category of "hit" music. MC Hammer performed for the first time what many consider his signature song in the year 1990. (reference wikipedia) The song has been used for numerous promotions and shows. It has also won a myriad of awards. I caution you, once you play the song, it becomes an earworm for awhile. Presenting..."U Can't Touch This"

 I had many favorites in the 1980's, one band was Foreigner. Like other bands and singers, I had their album and played it often. They just had that sound that resonated with me, not quite hard rock but just enough. The particular album I am going to share with you had half of their original band gone. Still, their sound was awesome! I am leaving you today with their song, "Urgent"

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  1. Happy Monday, I posted a Katy Perry song this week!
    Oh, my!! MC Hammer certainly takes me back!!

  2. Excellent choices, Naila! You found some great ones! :) I kinda messed up on the theme, but at least I got the right decades! ;)

    You Oughta Know I Want It That Way i Shout with my Hand In My Pocket in my Little Red Corvette When Doves Cry in Purple Rain

  3. Great music choices and fun blog hop!


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