Sunday, April 10, 2016

Monday's Music: The Letter "I" with a Theme Twist #atozchallenge #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Welcome back to another week of the A-Z challenge and also to Monday's Music Moves Me. If you are new to this great meme, this is the place that we post music to fill our souls every week. This meme is hosted by Xmas Dolly (who is also doing A-Z), and co-hosted by Stacy, Callie, and myself.

This week we are working on a theme by our Spotlight Dancer, Vandy J, who has chosen, Soundtracks or Theme Songs. Now, since I am doing the A-Z challenge, my song will also include the letter "I". Whew...let's go!

All of my songs will have the running theme of love in them.

The first song I have chosen is a former cheerleader and former AI judge, Paula Abdul. I chose this song because my relationship with my husband. "It's The Way That You Love Me"

This next song is by two of my favorite singers. They supposedly weren't in love but you really could not tell it from this song, now could you?  "Islands In the Stream"

Final song from me today is something I really do believe in and that is: "I Believe In A Little Thing Called Love"

Hope you enjoyed the music today. Make sure you come back the rest of the week for more. Oh and sign up on the linky. We love hearing the music!


  1. Islands in the stream use to be a favorite of mine.. use to love Kenny Rodgers... hehehe~ All great pickins' my friend. ROCK ON~

  2. Great picks. Islands in the Stream, I still love that song.

  3. I have a lot of respect for Dolly Parton. She and her husband have been married fifty years, she revived the area around Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, and she really works hard at what she does. And she's a fantastic singer and has been for years. Remember her with Porter Waggoner?

  4. I rmember when I was young, I did think Dolly and Kenny was married. They work so well together!

    Very good selections Naila!

    Have a blessed week!


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