Monday, April 18, 2016

O:Boy Am I Late For Monday's Music Moves Me #atozchallenge

Hi ya folks! I am soooooooo very late today for the A-Z Challenge today and for Monday's Music. Please forgive me though, I have been out apartment looking and I am here to tell you, I am one tired chick!

So, if you are here from A-Z, I want to welcome you. Every Monday music can be found on my blog. I co-host this shin-dig along with my pals: Hostess-Xmas Dolly, co-hostess-Stacy and Colette.

Let's go! Today, I am on the letter "O' for music. I have a few up my sleeve.

First up: This first group, I have enjoyed for quite a long time in the spiritual development of my life. I give you the group, Jars of Clay with the song, "O, My God."

Next: This song is from one of my favorite movies, "Sister Act 2". In this particular movie, the good Sister teaches a bunch of misfit kids to be a great choir. One of the first songs they sing is, "Oh, Happy Day!"

Finally:This last one is by a group called, Dream Theater. I have never heard of them before today. This song, called, "On the Back of Angels" really has no comparison to the first two I have posted. Yet, I am drawn to it. 

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  1. Ryan Toby really made that movie in Sister Act 2. Fantastic job of Oh Happy Day! I love that part. Great job of pickins' for "O" too!


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