Thursday, January 9, 2014

Achoo Grateful!

I seriously think I lose days somehow. One day it is the first and the next day the ninth. To think when I was younger I wanted things to hurry up some. Now, I think like others, I want it to slow down.

Anyway, Tamirisc and I continue to be sick. It seems we have had what so many others have had. I have been sick worse than the hubby. My Grandma would have called this the creepin' crud.

So, by now, I am sure you are thinking, "How can she be thankful?"

Well, truth is I am glad that I received a flu and pneumonia shot early on so I have not come down with that too. I am grateful to the makers of Kleenex and over the counter medicine companies. Really, I am!

I am glad that my hubby did not have it worse than me because I have been in no condition to take care of him and me too. It was also nice to have him home to pamper a little especially when I felt like my brains were coming out of my head.

How could you not be grateful for all of that?

Let me know what you are thankful for this week.
~Naila Moon


  1. You are so right. It could be much worse. Just rest well to get better quickly.

  2. Great Perspective! I love that saying, "Creepin crud". The Creepin crud has been going through my house too!

  3. I am grateful my husband rarely gets sick, but when he does holy mackerel he gets it bad. All men are big babies when they're sick, but knock on wood so far not sick, but then again I'd rather have the flu then what I have. That's for sure! I'm also very thankful that I think I'm finally going to get some headway that I'll get all those appointments I need to do soon. woo hoo

  4. I had been feeling sick off and on the entire month of December, but I was glad I was still able to basically function. But this week, it hit me like Mack Truck. I've been in bad alternating between shivering and sweating.....and I am so thankful that the worst 2 days were on hubby's days off. No way could I have gotten up and got kids to school, made supper. Yes -- it can always be worse.
    And everything I am feeling, though it IS awful -- it is a sign that my body is functioning the way it is supposed to.

  5. I have enjoyed your blog for some time now. Thank you for your wonderful posts and exposing me to "Houston Style". I so enjoy your humor, and sharing funny stories about your family. May you have a holiday season fill with love and peace. Happy New Year.... See you in 2014..decorating a small apartment

  6. WOW it does sound like i should be grateful for South African summery Christmases when you put it like this Naila and friends. I've always envied the snowy countries.
    Thank you for dropping in at my blog. I hope you might ve interested in hosting some cover reveals and spotlights this month. Here is some infor on some one the December tours and you can contact me at I'd appreciate the help a great deal.


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