Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Lateness Stuff

Hello all,
Today has been a busy day for some reason. In fact, a busy week. I am not sure why. I suppose I am playing catch up. I still seem to have a lingering cough and tired but at least I am on the mend and do not feel like death!

I thought I would just post my selfie post from this week. I have a total bohemian look going on.
This was before I got my hair chopped yesterday. I am not sure if I like my new do but I will have to live with it for now. Tamirisc says it is ok but then, I wonder how I would feel if he really hates it but is smart not to say anything. HA!

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  1. Nothing is wrong with a short stylish haircut. I hope you catch up. Miss your music.


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