Monday, January 20, 2014

Mondays Musical Musings

Goodmorning everyone! How are things in your side of the Universe?
Well, in case you have not heard, the Denver Broncos are going to the Superbowl. Yes, yes, I know there is that other team, Seattle Seahawks (nods to Stacy). There is of course excitement around these parts.

So, anyway, it is time again for our fun meme Monday's Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Cathy, Colette, Stacy and Me. Becca is along for the ride too as Stacy will be out a bit while she moves.

Today our Spotlight Dancer is none other than the Music Dude himself, (and Xmas Dolly's hubby) Dave Moody. Congrats!

Ok, let's hit the dance floor and boogie. It is dancers choice today!

First up I am giving homage to my Broncos:

Of course we need a little celebration:

Some good times:

And laughter too:

Let's party ya all:


  1. I can feel your excitement. I missed the games. I only saw a few minutes of the last part of one game.
    I think if the husband was here, we'd all be watching.

    Love the hits.

  2. Interesting combination of tunes, I must say! Thanks for sharing!

    Love to ALL!

  3. Go Seahawks! ;-) You know what? I won't be watching the big game anyways. So It realy doesn't matter. Just having some fun. Great songs, too. Love having my week start off with a smile.

  4. I have no idea who to cheer for......being Canadian of course. It's funny, we rarely watch any football, but we do often tune in for the Superbowl itself. Some good party songs though -- that I can handle any time.

  5. I'm really luvin Pit Bull to party with! I can't wait to get my medicine so I can go try dancin' again. I love to dance and celebrate good times... come on! Great pickin's here mama, but this mama don't know nuttin about sports I'm a music girl and this is a music house. Dave don't do sports either. LOL Oh I need the html for our spotlight dancer button cuz I tried putting it on Dave's and it when giganda!!! AGAIN! AGUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. We were so thrilled the Broncos won the AFC championship and is now Super Bowl 48 bound. As you know, Peyton quarterbacked for the University of Tennessee right here in my fair city years ago, so ever since that time, we have been huge fans of Manning's. The Seahawks are fun to watch and we definitely wanted them to win over the 49ers, but we will be pulling for the Broncos on Feb. 2nd. Great freebie style song picks!

  7. Well Kool & The Gang brings back memories of my gyrating days LOL Pitbull brilliant done well here

    Fab set this week and good luck from London Denver Broncos ;-)


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