Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday's Music, Food For the Soul

Monday's Music is here again. Yahoo! It is hosted by that music soulful gal, Xmas Dolly who is joined by Cathy, Colette, Stacy and yours truly!  I believe Becca is still around too while Stacy is out.
Let's get this party started!


This week we have a them picked by a former Spotlighter which! That is certainly different! Let me see what I can do with this one.

First: Fast Food!

Next up: Chinese Food!

Then there is Italian Food! (laughs):

Washed down with wine! :

Of course there is always:


  1. I like the last one the best bwahahahahahaha those guys are so good. Really made me laugh, and of course Red Wine is fine. I love Chinese Food too, but that little girl was driving me to burgers. LOL Great choices mama you rocked the house.

  2. YES!!! Greatest hits and Wayne Brady ROCK!! Loved this part of the show. awesome. And Red Red Wine is one of the best songs ever! cannot resist that song.
    Also, I'd really like some chinese food to go with my twinkie now. :)

  3. I loved the Folk Song order! Some people are so clever. Love your other picks too. Happy Monday!!!

  4. What great choices these are! Enjoyed chatting with you this weekend (in spite of all of the technical difficulties!) Have a wonderful week!

  5. It's safe to say, girl, that you are going to be the one with the most unique "foodie" theme songs for Monday's Music Moves Me. lol All of these were great and all new to me. Oh, my Cathy! That last one broke me up. Thanks for chuckle in my heart and a smile on my face this morning - you rock! :D

  6. LMAO brilliant selections especially the last on thoroughly enjoyed it hilarious, Red Red Wine is a classic I love reggae.

    Have a foodtastic week I'm off to chew on a pork ball :-)

  7. UB40 can sing anything and I love it!

  8. What a magnificent serving of songs! I'm still laughing from the "Who's Line is it, Anyway" song. Great collection! BURP!

  9. You knocked it off the grill this time! So much fun seeing what yous erved up this week. I knkow I am going to watch a couple of these more than once. Probably not the Chinese food one tho.
    Thanks for brightening up my week.

  10. You killed the grill today honey! And Wayne is just too talented!

    Thanks for these. I had no idea there was even a song about Chinese food!!

    Stay warm!


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