Saturday, January 25, 2014

#Blogathon2 Mini Challenge: Picmonkey Photos-Amelia

One of the mini challenges for the blogathon this weekend was to create a pinnable blog image from Picmonkey. Well, if you know me at all, you  know I use Picmonkey all of the time. In fact, I pay for the royalty features. 
I was so lucky last year because I was able to have 6 months free. Oh, the joy!

Anyway, this was the challenge and I could not use something I had done before. Sooo....
I decided to take photos of my cat, Amelia and make a new blogger button (it is on my list of things to do). 

However, which one to choose? I mean after all, look at all of this cuteness!

I ultimately decided to use none of those above and decided on this one instead. Can you tell what I might have done in Picmonkey? *chuckles*

 So, be looking for her on my blog now and grab her to put on your blog. I would appreciate that!


  1. Love the kitty and the new blog button. I love pickmonkey too, so easy to use. Thanks for reminder I need to update my blog button too. Great blogathon project!

  2. How CUTE! Amelia looks a lot like our kitty "Isabella", but she's not as technically minded. :O) New follower.


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