Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday & A Song 1/30/14

Sometimes you do not want to be thankful. Sometimes you would just rather rage at the world. Sometimes things just do not seem to be going your way and gratefulness is the last thing on your mind. Sometimes...

Right now as I am blogging, I am not feeling so thankful. I guess it is because I am a bit angry at the moment for stupid stuff that will pass in a bit. Who wants to be thankful when you feel like that?

I suppose though, I should be thankful just for the right to have feelings and to be able to express them. Some people in this world, in particular women, have to squelch what they are feeling. If they stand up and scream or say that their feelings are hurt, they are abused or sometimes even killed.

I suppose being grateful for being angry seems odd but truth is, I can be if I want or need to be. I do not have to worry about the aforementioned. For that, I am grateful too.

Coming back into a balance of peace is always good and even right now, I am and will be grateful for that as well.

What are you thankful for today? Tell me.


  1. I like this perspective! You're right, we should be thankful to be allowed our basic human rights, and to be able to feel the way we need to at any given time. And to be able to be completely honest!

  2. I'm thankful for getting my shot today in my hip so I will feel better real soon! Woo Hoo I understand what you mean about other cultures. I just couldn't live like that myself. Being Sicilian I have a bad enough temper to begin with. lol Also I'm thankful that I got the info I needed and the Green Light for my next Give-Away and it's FANTASTIC! Watch your mail.

  3. No one can be in a good mood all the time. that's just not Real in any way. Anger, frustration, dissatisfaction -- all perfectly normal human emotions. And I think it's healthy to have them every once in awhile. As long as you recognize what it is, and that it will eventually pass. I think you are a pretty joyful and grateful person at heart --- that part will always shine through. :)


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