Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A-Z Reflections #atozchallenge

They always ask us to do these reflections after the A-Z challenge and I can certainly see the value in it.
I can also see the humdrum of it too. I mean for gosh sakes, we just finished the A-Z Challenge for the entire month of April and they want us to write more! In my case, it was every single day of April.

In any case, here I sit in my new reading chair and I reflect. zzzz...oh, sorry, I nodded off a bit.

Anyway, I am thinking of the ideas I had to write about and what made me write about them. I am thinking about how I absolutely did not prepare in the least for this challenge this time. Seriously, there is value in doing that. You simply do not get overwhelmed. Flying by the seat of your pants is NOT recommended, although, as I proved, it can be done.

I am thinking about all the people that stopped by. Wait, there were very few newbies and those that did come by have been coming by for quite some time. In fact, I do not think I ever did see any of the "minions" say hello. Hmm....

I made a grand attempt to at least begin seeing people on the list but the truth is, the list is 2000 freaking people! It is almost near to impossible with the writing, family time and all that. Of those I did visit, I would only say about, maybe half if that, was I interested in going in seeing again. Some people just do not know or do not know how to write good content. I realize it is a learning process though.

Others, did not write anything at all which I kind of thought defeated the purpose of the A-Z but, I can admit I was wrong if, I was wrong. I also saw many people who made the attempt, they really did, but by the time I got around to see them, they had given up. These people should have been removed from the list but I can only imagine that it takes a bit to find them with 2000+ people participating.

Overall, you simply have to know what you can and can't do.

Final thoughts...I do hope that they bring back the video challenge. I know many people who participated in that on their own. Maybe it was an offshoot of past A-Z and I did not catch that. However, it would be great to have back...perhaps even a different month?

Also, maybe more minions so that more people get visited and revisited. Also, perhaps the minions do not get worn out.  Just some thoughts from me, in my reading chair or maybe...

...this is just all a dream sequence and my thoughts do not really matter anymore than the points on "Whose Line Is It Anyway."


  1. Congrats on the a-z challenge.

  2. congrats on doing though -- that's huge. I think I probably blog almost every day most of the time - and it can be rather "seat of my pants" - so trying to follow the A-Z probably would not have worked well for me.
    And I agree -- I did take time to visit some places I had not been before, and it was sometimes painfully obvious bloggers were struggling to come up with content. Which if you feel forced to write, I can imagine that's the exact result you'd get.
    Did you find people visited you a lot? I normally find I don't get much more traffic with those kinds of things.

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    I agree that the sheer size of the list makes the thought of visiting people seem overwhelming. I actually stopped using the list during the last week or so and stuck to the list of blogs with 100 Followers or Less. Now I'm working my way through the Reflections list and then I'll go along on the Road Trip. I can take my time and there's less pressure. ;-)

  4. Hello there.
    Thanks for sharing. Just stopping by to congratulate you on completing the A-Z Challenge! I did start off visiting blogs at the end of the Challenge signup list since they seem to get forgotten, but I found a lot were just empty blogs, spam blogs or no posts at all for the challenge, so I started the Road Trip, which I've just completed. Now I'm making my way through Reflections. I hope to return to the original signup list and complete all 2,009 blog visits before the start of the next challenge. I need all the support and refreshments I can get!!!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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