Monday, May 19, 2014

#Review: Shoplet Office Supplies-iPad Holder & Office Binder with Label Holder #shopletreviews

Come closer to the screen, I have a secret. It is not an overwhelming OMG kind of a secret but it is one none-the-less. Ready?

I covet office supplies! I do! This is not a joke. In fact, my daughter has the "sickness" too. *chuckles*
I love all the colorful pens, paper, binders and plain ole office supply stuff. I seriously cannot get enough of it.

 That is why I was so excited when I received office supply stuff from to review.

See my giddiness!

The company sent me the Samsill smart iPad case and the Samsill 3-ring binder with label holder. I recently have managed to get an office space in our apartment and need organization. For me it is key and that is where the office stuff comes in.

Check this out.

First is the Samsill 3-ring binder. I can never have enough binders it seems. There is always some sort of paperwork or even in my case, artwork to be filed. This is going to be a major win for me. This one came to me in a burgundy kind of finish and is 1 inch rings. I generally like the smaller rings so that is great. these rings are sturdy and can hold up to 225 sheets of paper. The D-rings make the paper easily flippable which of course, I like.

The left hand side has a pocket for additional storage which I think is always necessary to have. If nothing else, it can hold stuff until you are ready to file it on the ring. I only wished it had two.

This binder also has a hard cover finish which is always nice compared to the softer covers. I think these particular binders hold up longer. Since they are made for heavier use, that is another win! Of course the label area makes it easy to mark the contents which again, is always a need.

Now, on to the iPad holder.
I honestly do not own an iPad. I know, I am probably the last on the planet.  However, I do know enough about technology to know if I did, I would want and need this!

As you can see, this one sits up quite nicely on my desk with a dual landscape positioning. The soft cover feels great in my hands. The smart iPad case was sent to me in blue but they have a variety of colors which is cool since I like a lot of color choices.

Do not let that soft cover fool you though this is made to protect that precious piece of technology!
The nice thing is, it has ports and cutouts so you control what you need to while using your iPad but not have to worry about protection. It also has a magnetic enclosure that makes it easy for accessibility when you are ready to use it again.

Finally, this particular smart iPad case is compatible with the 2nd-4th generations of iPads. I am sure that is a great thing for those of us who do not have the latest piece of techno gadgets.

So, there you have it. Go check out Shoplet and maybe you will be as giddy as I get too.

Disclosure: I received two products from for my open and honest review. Never-the-less, I was not required to present a positive review. The review here is 100% my own and I received no monetary compensation.


  1. Nope! You're not the last one on the planet that doesn't have an IPad girlfriend because I don't have one either. Do you think a laptop would fit in there? Well, great job on the products they gave you. My granddaughters always goes nuts over their products for school, and my one granddaughter she's a reader & the other one is a writer. Good combo huh? Thanks for sharing your views. Makes me want to go get some for sure, but it would be for next year for school, but it's good to build up the office too!

  2. You sound easy to please.


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