Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coffee Chat: Brain Teasers, Riddles, or Word Games

Growing up I had this game called "MasterMind" that I often played with my Dad. It is a game of logic that at first frustrated me but as time went on, I learned through the power of deduction to break the "codes" my Dad set up for me. Sometimes, I even stumped him.

Logic games have always been a bit of fun for my mind. Do you play Luminosity? I have on occasion. Believe it or not though the one I hate the most is Soduko. Oh, I have bought a game magazine or two but they simply just drive me loopy and I get impatient working on them. My daughter, loves them!

As a child, I watched my Grandparents play different mind games. My Grandpa loved crossword puzzles. The harder the better but he could do them in nothing flat. He always mesmerized me when he did them.

My Grandma's games of choice were word seek and find puzzles. She had tons of magazines with these puzzles in them. She often took them on vacation with her. If I was around, she let me play the games with her. She would even buy  me my own sometimes. I love them to this day and have a book in my purse.

I often would listen to my Dad or Mom tell a riddle to us kids. Sure enough they would stump us but my parents never told the answers. Sometimes, the riddle would be told over and over until we finally got it. I did eventually.

Here is one:


  1. I love mastermind. I also played it growing up.

  2. Mastermind was a great game! Oh, I have to go find that for my kids.
    I love word find games and this other one - I don't remember what it is called - but you make new words using the letters of the given word. And see how many you can get. I also love this game called Scattergories - really tricky and really makes you think.

    Ok - I don't get the riddle :(
    Is this one of those riddles where I am going to face palm when I hear the answer? LOL

    1. Rory-click on the link up there and you will find the Mastermind game. ;)

      Yep, you will no doubt face palm when I tell you the answer.

  3. I really want to play luminosity because I' heard it's good, but I can't afford the subscription.

    Ooh but I LOVE LOVE LOVE sudoku :) I do it in the bathroom every chance I get :)

    What I can't stand is crossword puzzles! And I was always mesmerize with anyone would could just get them just like that!

    Oh and I'm stumped on your riddle :)
    Is it Stop?

    1. Nope, that is not the answer. Keep guessing.
      bte-luminosity has a free section.


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