Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missed Tuesdays Coffee Chat and Rory's Birthday Party

How could it possibly be Wednesday. Surely it isn't and has been Tuesday all day. No? Pfftt....
Well, since everybody keeps telling me it is indeed Wednesday that means I missed coffee chat with Rory at Time Out For Mom. It also means I missed her fabulous birthday party.

Oh well, better late than never! She had rules you know. What to bring and all. She said she was going to provide Licorice and Beer which in all since of the word seemed weird. She then mentioned something about Lasagna and Buns, which is still strange but sounded a bit better.

She also mentioned the fact that Captain America aka Chris Evans, would hopefully stop by and bring the cheese plate and espresso. Yum, I do like cheese and well... Captain America is pretty yummy himself.

Anyway, I thought about what I could have brought to her party, you know if I had actually gone. Although, I have to admit, her party was in Canada and that is a long way from me. However, if I had gone, I guess I would have brought noodles and meatloaf. That would have been nice.

What would you have brought? That is if you had gone to her party. Tell me in a comment, maybe next time, I will have a better idea.

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  1. Noodles and Meatloaf!! You can definitely come to my party!
    I just knew something (and someone) was missing. LOL
    Congratulations on figuring it out --- but you know I would have let you come even if you had not.
    Thanks for adding to the fun my friend! :)


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