Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pampering me at Xenon Academy

me all beautified

This post is really for my lady readers but if you guys want to read to, then great.
This week I have been pampering me. Frankly, sometimes you just need to do that. For me, it has been a long time coming.

Earlier in the week I started by getting a manicure and pedicure. Being diabetic, I really should have pedicures often but I don't get to. Anyway, if you have never had either, stop what you are doing...wait, after you read this...then stop what you are doing and go have one. I am here to tell you they are the greatest! My feet feel fantastic and my nails are all pretty because I had acrylics done on them.  The hubby even picked out the color and I continue to get compliments on that so, kudos to the man!

So, today, I went on phase two of my pamper me plan. My friend Stormie and I frequent a salon called Xenon Academy-Denver. It is a school to learn all the ends and out of cosmetology. We had made appointments (not that you need one) earlier in the week. I needed some hair touch up...ya know what I mean right?

Sierra S.
I made an appointment with this gal...her name is Sierra. She had fixed my "wisdom roots" a few weeks ago and well, it was time again, so, I called on her again.

Sierra is funny and very personable and frankly, knows her stuff. She even remembered stuff I told her like eight weeks ago. Amazing! I told her when I publish my first book that I am going to dedicate a line to here that says, "she listened to all of my dribble." *wink*
To say I am happy with her work on my hair is an understatement. She makes me look good. No joke!

Sierra making me look beautiful!

I told her about me being a blogger and that I was so happy with her and Xenon that if it was ok with her, I wanted to blog about her. She thought that was cool and as you can see, I took photos too! I told her to continue to do her thing (after all, I had been there an hour at this point) and to not pose. So, what does she do...

Sierra posing! LOL
I plan to have an appointment with her again in about two weeks to...well...wax! No, not wax there...wax the eyebrows. I do not need to be looking like Bert from Sesame Street for gosh sakes.

Anyway, the only problem with Xenon is when you do get a student who is top notch and work with them awhile, eventually, they graduate. Unfortunately, Sierra is graduating at the end of July and moving on to open her own salon with her mom.

Then what am I going to do?
~Naila Moon


  1. So glad you had some pampering and some good old me time.

  2. Sounds fabulous, and I believe it's healthy for us on many levels! I'm sure Sierra will handpick her successor to care for you!

  3. And that you are. So happy you finally got to have some pampering for yourself then always giving as you do. You have such a big heart. She did a wonderful job is true. I agree with Jennifer, and if she forgets give her a little nudge and ask her who she thinks you should try next. I'm sure she'll tell you. Great job & looking good mama!!!!


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