Sunday, May 11, 2014

Red Hot Music: #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Well, hello my musical people. It is once again time to rock out with the Monday's Music Dance crew hosted by Xmas Dolly with co-host Stacy, Cathy, Callie and Moi!  If you have been with us awhile then you know we like to spin the tunes and share, share, share.
Look what is coming up soon too: 200th Week! Just in 10 short weeks it will be here and we have something BIG planned with loads of prizes. Fun, fun! Join us now and get in on all the fun we have.

Now, let's get to this weeks music which is a freebie week. Leading off this week is our Spotlight Dancer is Vandy J. Make sure to go say hello to her too.

So, let me get this party started with one of the hottest violinist around and an equally hot group:

Let's keep this moving on with a flip back to the 80's. We can certainly "relax" into this music. Or can we? ;)

This next one I do "believe" we will all like. 

Rounding out this music journey today, make sure to "call me" or text if you would like to hear something special on my blog. Hee hee.  Have a good week all!


  1. Hi Naila! Hope you had a great Mother's Day...yep, I did too! It's late and I'm pooped but those punk violinist really got my eye's opened and me wide awake, thanks. Blondie and Cher's tunes brought back some old memories and got my toe tapping if not my body moving, it's been a long day. Can't wait for all the fun and surprised for the 200th Monday Music Moves Me blog hop. Hope I win something, hahahaha. I hope you have a great week Naila.

  2. YOU GO GIRL YOU GOT ME UP boogie all night long! Great ad for our celebration that's coming up, but you got it a bit wrong. It's only (horns here) "7" more weeks! It's our 193rd week. HUGS YOU ROCK!

  3. Now that was fun loved your picks this week they brought back some good memories :-)

    Have a chertastic week :-)

  4. First off, I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day. Second off, from the first click with Pentatonix to the last you had me groovin' in my seat. I haven't heard Relax in forever, so that was great to fun to get my morning funk movin' with that one. You've really turned things up on the dance floor today! Have a tunetastic week, you totally rock! ;-)

  5. Have not heard the first version of Pentagenix Radioactive, only the regular air play version.. Have to say I love this arrangement, find it vastly superior.

    Great selections, loved Frankie Goes to Hollywood, has been ages.

    Fantastic mix of music. Keep mixing the tunes, you are a true VJ.

    Your hubby

  6. Whoa, check out some of these tunes! You're rockin' there Mama - always did like Blondie! Radioactive... is jumpin... Cher & me goes together like oil and water...

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    1. Quickest way to get deleted from my page is to spam me.
      At least have the decency to half way read what is on it.

  8. Call me is my pic of this weeks tunes thanks for sharing them.


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