Sunday, April 8, 2018

G is for Glorious! H is for Hallelujah! #atozchallenge #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks

Hey everyone,

Crazy week this past week and probably this week too but I am powering away to come by and say hello. First, a spark to get you up and going for this Monday.

Sorry that I did not get by last week. I do see you and love your postings!
I realized I also did not get my posting done in time for "G" for it to pre-post. So, this episode of Monday's Music Moves Me will include a song for "G" and "H"! The theme this week is also, "Easter songs" so, this should be challenging.

Don't forget to link up your music post below!

Let's move it, shall we?

First up(G): I enjoy praise and worship music sometimes as much as other genres of music. Here is one sign language team that is signing to a group I like called Casting Crowns. The song is "Glorious Day" which is actually considered an Easter song. I am not sure why the tree behind them then.

Next (H): I love the group Pentatonix. This song is signed by a young man and woman out in a gorgeous setting. I hope you enjoy this one.

 Happy musical day! ~Michelle aka Naila Moon


  1. Michele,

    Hey it was a busy week for everyone doing the A2Z challenge for sure so we understand! I'm trying to make some of my rounds this morning since I have appointments all day. Thanks for filling in for Colette on the dance floor, my friend. Your mewsic is groovin' and a hoppin'! :)

  2. Happy Musical Day! I share your love for Casting Crowns' "Glorious Day" The dancers are amazing!

  3. So glad you got caught up. Happy Blogging!

  4. Very beautiful. Love the quote and the song. Thanks for sharing both.

  5. Since linky tool will not allow me to log in I cannot get the linky code to add to my blog BOO HISS,GRRR!!!!!

  6. I love your spark! Nice music chocies too.

  7. I'm all of those things and I'm happy. Great Spark.

    Have a fabulous week. ♥

  8. Hi Michelle! It's been a while since I did the music rounds. Love your songs you picked.

  9. Great job girlfriend... sorry I'm a little off center today, so I shall just add that your tunes are inspiring and thank you for filling in once again. hugs

  10. Excellent song for H! Hallelujah is one of my favorites! Leonard Cohen does a great job, but you picked a good one with Pentatonix.

  11. Pentatonix is my favorite!! Loved both your song choices! :) So great to have you back! :)


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon