Thursday, August 18, 2016

7 things I would have done this Summer.

I was asked by Mama Kat...well, it was one of her writing prompts...What are 7 things I would have done this Summer if I had the time and money to do them. 
So, I thought long and hard about that; it took the equivalent of about 10 seconds to come up with the list.

  1. I would throw the hugest BBQ bash anyone has ever seen on the planet. I would invite all of my Facebook friends. They would have to bring the wine. Oh, and probably the pork steaks, maybe the other stuff too.  Oh, and do the cooking as I do not BBQ. However, I would provide the decorations, a DJ, and the back yard. Huge!
  2. I would hire John Travolta and his plane to take me all over the U.S. to visit family and friends.Then, I would have him take me to Hawaii and we would sit on the beach. He would have no shirt on of course and rub tanning lotion on my shoulders.
  3. I would buy out Barnes and Noble. Then open my own library and coffee shop right next to Starb's. It would be run by the local homeless people. They would have their own rooms in the place.
  4. I would hire a barber full time and send him to a certain political candidate to make him look and sound good on camera. The barber would be carrying a truck load of duct tape.
  5. I would buy the biggest and baddest fishing boat around and an entire cove on Bullshoals Lake. Then, I would hire my Uncle J. to go fishing with me, it would have to be trout fishing. I would provide all the fishing equipment he ever wanted. Once we were done, I would give him the boat and access to the cove for life.
  6. I would hire a team from SW Airlines and one of their planes to take my Mother and our entire family to Rio. I would buy out a plush hotel for us to stay in. We would go to every event possible at the Olympics. We would have great food and our shots up to date.
  7. I would buy out every home there is in the mobile home park I live in. The people here would have their pad rent lowered and could stay in their homes. I would move into one of the twelve that are empty and furnish it complete with a jacuzzi tub and a backyard pool. I would hire Sean Connery to be my butler, he would only wear shorts and a bow tie. 
There you have it. ~M.M. aka Naila Moon


B Nickerson said...

I love this list. You really think BIG! The Sean Connery thing is funny, though he is 85 and pretty wrinkly now.

KatBouska said...

I mean, that would be QUITE the summer vacation!

coach-daddy said...

That's ambitious. I love that you're thinking big. At least one of mine would include a barbecue, too, but maybe with Lana del Rey, and she wouldn't even have to sing.