Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lifetime Movie Club Promotion #movies

Disclosure: I am promoting the following on behalf of Lifetime Movie Club. I will receive a promotional item in exchange for the post.

Do you enjoy the LifetIme movie network. I know I do. In fact, I just watched a movie on there this evening. One of my favorite series was Celebrity Ghost stories. 
The one thing I do hate about watching movies, mini-series, or for that matter TV in general is commercials!

So, I want to share with you, my readers, about the Lifetime Movie Club . This is great! You can watch movies anytime commercial free and a new movie is added every day. EVERY DAY! Wow!

You can watch movies like the Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story, which I know my daughter would love. Or how about a different movie like the 90210 Story? Just think of all the possibilities here of what Lifetime has and you would get a bit giddy.

Get this: Just to get you started or at least to try it out, Lifetime Movie Club is letting you start with a FREE 7 day trial. That sounds pretty good to me. Wow, you could watch a lot of movies in seven days.

Right now, this is available on:
iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Roku Players but more platforms for playing are coming soon.

So, who are you going to watch the Lifetime Movie Club movies with?

Disclosure: I am promoting this on behalf of Lifetime Movie Club and US Family Guide in exchange for a promotional item. All movie icons and information was provided to me via UsFamily Guide. ~Naila Moon

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