Wednesday, January 9, 2019

7 Things That Bring Me Joy #MamaKatWritingPrompts

There are many things that will bring me joy on a daily basis. Sometimes it is as simple as finding a penny on the ground or something large like winning the Publisher's Clearing House. Okay, so I haven't really won the PCH but I can dream.

This week I was asked what 7 things bring me joy. I thought I would list the 7 most consistent things. These are in no particular order.

1. A baby's smile  just gives me unspeakable joy. I cannot help but to smile myself when I see a baby smile. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking when I see them smiling in their sleep. I imagine it dreaming of clouds and puppy dogs. Most likely, it is because they just stunk their pants.

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2. A bottle of Pepsi. I know, Pepsi has been on other lists of mine. I simply cannot help myself but I like the stuff. Since I am not a coffee drinker per se, Pepsi will be my go-to pick me up every time. I am a better joy to be around when I have had my joy.

3. Books! Hands down, I love to read! A real book in my hand gives me joy. I love the smell of them, the look of them, the feel of the pages in my hands. I love them so much that I...(Shameless plug coming)...created this blog. Reading Authors

Another Shameless Plug-This book I Co-Wrote

4. Unexpected presents.  My birthday is this Saturday and I hope I receive a present or two. I may or may not but that is no matter. What I really love is one someone gives me something unexpected. I love the surprise of it and the fact that someone took their time out to think of me. For example, I recently was given a painting from a friend that I mentioned I loved that she did. She left it on my porch for me while I was gone to work. Unexpected!

5.Old black and white photographs. Today was can choose a filter to make photos black and white but not too long ago we had actual film. I used that kind of film a lot in my years of taking photos. My Dad did too. I especially love looking at photos of people. I often will look at them and wonder what they were thinking. Who were they? I have found joy in trying to find out who they were. I also have found joy in looking at some of my Dad's old photos.

6. Making people laugh.  I think I get a ton of joy out of watching people laugh with my antics. Sometime it is as simple as some stupid hat I have put on. Just the other day, I started a plastic ball fight with my co-workers. Their fun and laughter made it a great day.

Case In Point

7. Getting to know people. I am not exactly an extrovert but not a complete introvert either. So, I do like to sit down with people and get to know them. I especially like to talk to old people and find out about them. If I take the time to listen, I can find out the most fantastic things. Not too long ago, I was sitting on a bench when an older man sat down to rest. He began telling me about himself. It turns out he was a WWII vet and had some fascinating tales.

What brings you joy? Tell me in a comment.

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Alice V said...

I hope you have a happy birthday. What brings me joy right now are my kids, creating things that people love, and living a new day.

Cathy Kennedy said...


Old people do bring joy. I loved hearing my late FIL tell stories. He was a good story-teller, too. Likewise was his mother. OH, man she had the sharpest memory up til her death. She was two months short of her 97th bday when she passed. Old photographs bring joy, too. I didn't think about this one. They don't have to be B&W, just old ones. I, especially love looking back on our kids' baby pictures. What a sweet time! Thanks for listing your favorite joys to share. Have a funtastic weekend, my friend. I hope you'll come by to boogie with us on Monday! :)

Mommy In Color said...

I'm definitely with you on numbers 1 and 3. I'm always taking pics of my son's smile. I have an entire Instagram page dedicated to my love of books. The Pepsi thing reminds me of my mom's love of Diet Pepsi. She doesn't drink any other beverage but that. Great post! Stopping by from Mama Kat's prompts

KatBouska said...

That saying about how everyone has a story to tell is so true. I'm glad you take time to listen to people, sometimes these old folks don't have many left around to listen.