Friday, January 11, 2019

Saturday Stick People Reincarnated! #SaturdayStickPeople Episode 1-2019

Saturday Stick People Episode 1-2019

A few years back, I started something fun to post every Saturday called, "Saturday Stick People." The idea was to simply draw a simple scene (with stick people) about what I had planned for the weekend or what happened over the week. It was sponsored by those of us that live out in the sticks.

Stick People 1 
Stick People 2 
Stick People 3 
Stick People 4 

I invited people to join me with their drawings as long as they linked back to me. I also invited them to leave a comment so I could go visit their stick drawings.

I have decided that the stick people need to return. Today is the triumphant return with the photo above.  What do you think I was/am doing this week? I give out 100 hug points if you get the answer right. 25 hug point for just commenting.

So, come on, want to play?

Michelle aka Naila Moon

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