Friday, December 7, 2012

Featured Faces and Friendship Friday...12/7/12

Hello one and all. It is late afternoon or early evening here and I am just settling down with my red blanket and watching the Santa Clause. I have seen it a thousand times but it still makes me smile.

Anyway, I am only up for Friendship Friday this week and of course my two Featured Friday Followers. So, on to it.

Friendship Friday

Question of the week is...What are your favorite holiday traditions?

One of my Mother's trees from last year -2011
 Well, in the last few years the traditions I have had my entire life have changed because of family changes. However, some of the things we did when I was a kid was we would go to Midnight Mass and then come home and "sleep" for 2 hours only to get up, (there was a whole traditional thing for my parents before they would release us from our room but that is for another time). Once up, we first would light the Advent wreath and the open presents with immediate family. Then we would go to my Grandparents and have Christmas with them and the extended family and have breakfast.  Grandpa would joke there were no presents or he shot Santa or something...Grandma would yell at him to not tell us that stuff. We would then come home and crash. lol

My kids and some of the nieces and nephews a few years ago.

Another thing that my Mother and Dad always did every year was have a Christmas party for family and friends. I will be telling a video story about part of this tradition on Sunday. Until then, I can tell you this was a much look-forward to event every year by anybody that had ever attended.

One of my nieces and a sister-in-law a couple of years ago

There are so many things that our family did traditionally but alas, those things are pretty much non-existent this year. Our family (immediate and extended) is spread out all over the country and even part of the world and life has changed.  I suppose we have to make new traditions.

My silly son, I don't know where he gets it.

Featured Friday
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See you all tomorrow for Saturday Silly Christmas Cartoons.

Peace and love,
~Naila Moon

PS. I want to acknowledge that today is Pearl Harbor day. I honor these people who lost their lives in such a surprise attack. Many of the people that did survive are now passing on. However, as long as people like my husband remembers them, they will not be forgotten. Thank you.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Naila! How very sweet of you. :-) It looks like you had a lot of wonderful traditions over the years. We did, too, but, alas, as you said, they have become virtually non-existent since the death of my grandparents and family members moving away. :-( But, now I get to start some new traditions with my children. I hope that, they too, one day will look back on them fondly. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my all those lovely memories and what a great looking family. You have lovely traditions, but I loved the kidding your grampa made about Santa but more so that your gram hollered at him not to tell you kids that LOL Have a great weekend my friend.

  3. gorgeous family we to have an annual Christmas party it is usually held on Christmas eve and the grand kids love it they decorate cookies and open presents it so much fun.

  4. Our family traditions have changed over the years, but have included the adults opening a present one an hour starting at midnight, and the kids opening theirs on Christmas Day. We would go out and carol, and we always went to a major movie on Christmas Day.

    Anyone remember The Chipmonks movie the Squeakueal? That is a story unto itself.

    Great post.


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