Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quick post...Featured Faces Friday

I forgot to post the Featured Faces this week. Please go by and tell them hello and of course follow them. Tell them I sent ya. Ok?

If you are being featured please grab the button of my Grandma over there----> and wear it proudly.

This weeks features:
Paula from Sincerely Paula

The Night Owl Mama
Tricia from Night Owl Momma


  1. yay off to visit some new people oh and got my gift from my secret Santa. Does she have a blog so when i do up my post I can link to her place.

    1. She does but does not visit it often. She asked that I just give her the link to your blog. :)

    2. ok then when I do my post I'll just be sure to thank her without a link

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Naila!!! I tryly appreciate it! Such a lovely surprise :)


  3. Well, gee I believe I know that face. How sweet of you. Thank you so much. Guess I'll just have to go say hello. :)

  4. I'm already following her (love her blog and her mom's too!), but I'll go say hi too. :)


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