Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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Hello everybody. I am getting here a little late in the evening for my daily post but you will forgive me...right?

Anyway, there are 21 days left until Christmas and loads of blogging to do.  Today's theme is about winter/snow. 

1. The largest recorded snowflake is 15 inches wide.
2. It is a misnomer that it has to be 32 degrees for it to snow. It has been know to snow in the mid-40's.
3. In the Winter of 1779-1780, it was so cold that ice was piled 20 ft. high and did not melt until Spring. The Chesapeake Bay and Potomac Rivers were frozen solid. People could walk on them without falling through.
4. Snow is seen as white because its shape does not allow the absorption of light and beams white.
5. No two snowflakes are shaped the same way.

I have two videos to share with you today.

The first video is related to the Winter Solstice and is by the beautiful Enya.  I will let it speak for itself.

The second video I am sharing with you today is one I did back a couple of years ago. It is on how to make paper snowflakes. It was pretty fun to do and I think you might enjoy as well. If you do make some, take a photo and let me see! 

I hope you enjoyed my homage to Winter Solstice today.  
If you have not signed up for Secret Santa please sign up tonight because tomorrow is the cut off date. You can find out info. HERE
The cost is only $5 and right now there are very few participating.

See you tomorrow.

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