Saturday, December 29, 2012

Innovative Online Book Tour...Untimed by Andy Gavin

Hello my friends.
Did you know that I am a book tour host for a company called Innovative Online Book Tours? No? Well, I am! You can find the nice blue button down on the left side of my blog. See it? Good!

If you would like to join them you can click on the button or go HERE. You can also see what I am currently reading in the Goodreads button right below that.  The first book on the list will be the one that I am on tour with and reviewing for Amazon and Goodreads.  Which brings me too...

Untimed is a Young Adult fantasy book written by Andy Gavin.

This book follows Charlie, a 14 year old, history buff, Philadelphia raised boy, whom everyone seems not to notice. His own mother cannot remember his name and his father seems to be more absent than home.

This all changes a few days before his birthday when the police knock on his front door, just as a visit from his Dad is going to reveal something important. However, this is just not any old police! This is a clockworks man known later as Tick-Tocks or Tocks for short who is out to kill Charlie.

Charlie manages to escape the first attempt of assassination when he follows the Tock down a hole that seems to appear from nowhere. They both land in London 1725 where the rules of time seem to change. Charlie  meets Yvaine, a girl of the streets, who is a master pickpocket and a young mother. Her son's father is a well know historical figure. She takes a liking to Charlie.

Charlie soon learns from Yvaine that they are both time travelers and that she has been on her own since she was 7 years old learning how to survive. He also learns that boys can only travel to the past or downtime and girls can only travel to the future or uptime.

Their adventures together take them through history with hostility along the way as the Tocks seem to be just ahead of them changing history as Charlie knows it. Charlie will even meet up with his Dad and Aunt and find out they too are time travelers. The young couple will learn that messing with history and time is not an easy thing to change back. Will Charlie and Yvaine set history straight or will life as it was once known be forever changed?
If you want to read the fantastic book Untimed and find out more about Charlie, Yvaine and those darned trouble some Tick-Tocks, you can buy the book on  HERE or you can try and win your own signed copy HERE. I give this book a thumbs up! A must read!

Disclosure:I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

~Naila Moon


  1. That sounds totally cool. Wonder if I can get it for E-Book? hmmmm Think I'll go try to win it. coooooolllll Tanks!

  2. you had me at the word book this sounds like a great read will have to add it to my list. Thank you for sharing

  3. Definitely one I will have to read, anything dealing with time travel is up my Tardis after all.

    By the way, I finally found why Tick Tock sounded familiar to me. Tick Tock was a super villain in both the Marvel and D.C. universes. It drove me nuts, that I had to Google orb it. Great review.


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