Friday, December 28, 2012

Project 52...the 2013 Edition...Here I go again!

The last two years I have participated in the Project 52...ummm project? Anyway, this is my alternative to New Year's resolutions! I do not do that because frankly I think everyone breaks them about 20 seconds after midnight, feels bad and then gives up the rest of the year.

Project 52 is the brainchild of Karen and Jennee, or Karen and Jennee are its brainchild, I am not sure which but we will go with the first one. OK? Yeah.  Project 52 allows you to list some goals you want to do for the year and try to achieve them. If you don't well, then you don't and do not feel bad. Instead you feel good for what you did do! I accomplished many of my goals for 2012. Check that out HERE FOR 2012

Anywho, here we are on the cusp of the year 2013, after surviving the Apocalypse and all, and I present to you my 52 list for 2013. Want to join me with your own list? Cool. Link up below and I will come by on occasion to encourage you.

  1. Take 52 weeks of photos of me. You know, one each week.
  2. Take 52 weeks of photos of Mark aka Tamirisc. 
  3. Do another round of 30 photos in 30 days.
  4. Do another round of the April 30 day blog challenge.
  5. Read 12 new books.
  6. See 12 new movies. (Caveat, they can be old movies just I have never seen them.)
  7. Help Mark get a job.
  8. Go to a Rockie's Baseball game.
  9. Go to a Bronco's football game.
  10. Visit my children in MO and kiss the cheeks of my Grand-babies.
  11. Work out 3 times a week in some way.
  12. Meditate at least 5 times a week.
  13. Open a savings account for us.
  14. Open a savings account for the Grand-babies.
  15. Send birthday cards.
  16. New scrapbooks for each Grand-baby.
  17. Adopt a child from Compassion International or similar organization.
  18. Visit a Buddhist Temple
  19. Get new pen pals and write once a month
  20. Help 6 people in some way
  21. Make my own Mason Jar Candles
  22. Print and frame 3 of my photos
  23. Print and frame 3 of Mark's photos
  24. Lose 10 pounds in one week.
  25. Lose 50 pounds.
  26. Get a manicure/pedicure.
  27. Learn sign language (again/better)
  28. Plant a tree
  29. Cook something out of each of the cookbooks we own.
  30. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.
  31. Go on a daily walk
  32. Do a 365 day photo project.
  33. Visit a new place
  34. Buy something new for the apartment
  35. Visit Walt Disney World with Mark
  36. Hand write a letter to Mark once a week.
  37. Get a massage.
  38. Train for Race for the Cure and do it!
  39. Read Harry Potter
  40. Visit the Denver Mint
  41. Make a Dream Catcher for over our bed
  42. Paint 12 paintings
  43. Pick up any pennies/change and put them in a jar
  44. Go to Wyoming and go fishing with Mark
  45. Make something from Pinterest and blog about it
  46. Plan 6 special date nights for Mark
  47. Run a half marathon
  48. Pick 6 recipes from Biggest Loser Cookbook/make them and blog about them
  49. Do the 52 week money challenge
  50. Leave $1 in random places for other people to find
  51. Volunteer at the Children's hospital at least once a week
  52. Start a Teddy Bear project to send to children in foster care/orphange

~Naila Moon

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  1. It sure looks like an awful lot to do. I couldn't remember half of that. I'll just take one day at a time. lol

    1. That is why I will be making a page tab to remember.

  2. What a great Project and best of luck, you have some wonderful plans :)

  3. Sounds very cool. I should try something like this. Anyway, guess what I just notice? You haven't been to my blog since last Monday & I try to come to your every day :( you don't love me no more boo hoo boo hoo! The real reason I stopped by is WE GOT MEGA SNOW! WOO HOO IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL BUT IT CAN STOP ANY TIME NOW... HELLO MR. SNOW --- TIME TO STOP!!! Oh, and I thought you do something on Saturdays???


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