Monday, April 1, 2013

B is for...

 "Believe the best of everybody." ~Rudyard Kipling

My Mother actually carries this mantra.

She has always believed, as I do, that we are all born decent people. It is only circumstance where people become either horrible or fantastic.

It really comes down to choices that we make or in some a biological deficiency.

My Mother always told me that she trusts everybody until they give her a reason not to.

Some might think that is a naive approach but truthfully, I don't think so.

Why should we think the worst of someone based on appearance or attitude or what we heard about them?

Have we taken the time to know the real person? Or do we want to?

Believe it or not, I have had this happen to me more than once. Someone thinks something of me based on what they see or what they heard about me. However, they did not take the time to know me or know my circumstances.  If they had, they would have actually found out that I am a very decent person. At least I try to be.

Maybe, just maybe, our world needs to take the thought from Mr. Kipling and simply believe the best of others, implant it right in the old brain.
We might possibly just live in a more peaceful world by doing so.

What do you think?
~Naila Moon

PS>By the way, today is World Autism Day. Take the time to give a shout out to those living with autistic children. My second cousin is a high functioning autistic 14 year old. I love you, Cousin!

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  1. I do love the idea you have of doing quotes for this year's A to Z Challenge! I love reading quotes and I think I may snag some of yours for my quote book.

    As for believing the best of everyone... I don't think it's naive. I'm the same way. I'll admit to having first reactions that aren't always positive, but I try not to let that influence who I act toward someone. Because judging without knowing is just blind.

  2. I guess I'm somewhere in the middle when it comes to trusting people; I don't necessarily judge them untrustworthy off the bat, however I go with my gut when it comes to feeling things out.

    But I definitely like your mom and yours' philosophy, too!

    If we all just had a little more faith and trust, I do think the world would reflect that :)

  3. Excellent quote for today. I try to follow it, though slip from time to time.

  4. I myself don't think at all lately! I just have to go with the flow! Too tired to think tonight. Maybe tomorrow!

  5. Excellent quote. I think most of us are born trusting like this and unfortunately can change due to life experiences. We just need to remember that most people really are trustworthy.

  6. A major THANK YOU for this post! I live by this, or try to at least!


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