Saturday, April 6, 2013

Prepare For The Invasion of Brood X (Code)

NOTE: If you come by everyday and enter the code for that day. You will get 10 bonus points at the end.  You must enter  all of the correct codes everyday to get the extra points. 

7th. Michael Phillip Cash
9th. 17 years
10th. Bugs
11th. Noisy
12th. Red-eyed
13th. Winged
14th. Havoc
15th. Brood X
16th. Prepare
17th. Invasion
19th. Life Cycle
20th Bonus Points!


  1. How do I know which one to start from, would today the 9th be Brood X? or do we start as April 6th being number 1? Thanks!

  2. I am sorry for the confusion and have fixed this. You are the only one to have mentioned it. :/


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