Friday, April 12, 2013

L is for...

"Life is a gift wrapped in a miracle."

I truly think that just getting up and breathing in the morning air is a miracle that happens everyday. Our mere existence is a miracle.

My grandchildren

Having said that, when I saw this quote I could not help but think of babies. Our whole beginnings of life starts with the formation of fertilization. Our bodies continue to grow, move and breathe within our Mother which of course ends with our birth.

We are bundled up and presented. Ah, the miracle of life!

Sometimes we truly are miracle babies. A personal case in point. After the birth of my first child, I was faced with the very real possibility of not having anymore children. Since I was only 19 at the time, this was pretty devastating.

However, two years later I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. This in itself was a miracle but even more so because my son and I almost died during childbirth due to a botched C-section.

Miracle baby indeed!

There are also those who have felt the pain of miscarriages, like my daughter but eventually able to conceive and enjoy motherhood.

My daughter's son

There are also those who cannot have children for a myriad of reasons but someone, somewhere, has decided to allow an adoption.

Oh yes, miracles of life! How precious. How true.

I am glad to have this miracle and this gift.
~Naila Moon


  1. Babies are truly a blessing and a gift. I feel that way every time I look at my baby boy. :)

  2. Ah, babies they are little miracles,couldn't agree with you more. Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. What a beautifully written post for the letter L today! Definitely brought me to tears because it's so very true-the gift of life is a precious, beautiful and miraculous thing indeed!

  4. I totally agree with Kayla. Definitely a beautifully written Post to go along with that beautiful grandson of yours. My own gift of life was given to me five times and I was amazed each and every time & now those lives are giving life and the circle goes on! Praise God for such a wonderful gift.

  5. Oh yes. If only we could remember this all the time day to day.

  6. Just seeing babies makes me smile.

  7. Beautiful post! Every day I am grateful for another day with my kids. Life in itself is truly a miracle. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Have fun with a-z. :)

  8. Very good quote. I hope to have such a miracle some day. For now I just watch others and wait. I have a step-aunt who had 3 girls, they tried for a boy and got twin girls. She's pregnant again, but wasn't trying, and they are having twins again but this time at least one is a boy. So without trying, they got the boy and they love and cherish every child they have.


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