Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for...

"Faith, hope and love...the greatest of these is love." ~Corinthians Chapter 13

I grew up with this verse firmly planted in our home. I do mean quite literally.

My Dad had the entire verse printed on large paper for my Mother on the occasion of their 1st anniversary. It of course was said, at their wedding the year before.

These few lines were more than just words though. It was a thought process lived out in my parents.

We grew up in faith of our Creator who formed us and fashioned us in the children of the world.  We attended church always and it was an important part of our growing up and it was expected.
My Mother quite literally still has a strong faith and is pastor of a church in Sedona, AZ
We children have grown in different ways of faith but still it is very much there.

Hope was something that was instilled in us.  If we hoped for a future then the future could be ours.  We never did not have hope. It saddens me to think of the people who are living now with no hope for something brighter or happier.  It does not mean that we were lead to believe that things in the world were sometimes not so good but we could always have the hope that they would change.

My parents loved each other from the very first moment they met. Their love for each other culminated into 4 of us, later grand-children and great-grand children.

When my parents got to be much older and a bit crabbier, they could often be seen just sitting quietly in the kitchen talking to each other. Their love did not waiver even up to the time my Dad passed on almost two years ago now.

Yes, they made mistakes as parents will do, but in the end their faith, hope and love for us has always been there.

The framed verse is still hanging in a predominant place in my Mother's home. Still a testament to what has always been.

~Naila Moon

**"G", I hope I see you on Monday for another week of the A-Z challenge.


  1. Sounds a lot like my parents- sticking together through it all!

  2. Now THAT'S what I call true love right there! You really don't hear much about that or witness those kinds of relationships these days with the divorce rate being as high as it is o.O

    Your parents definitely set the bar for a healthy and happy relationship people should strive to achieve!

  3. Hi Naila, As my husband and I just celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I too can look back on the example of faith, hope, and love exhibited in their marriage and their lives. What a blessed heritage to pass on and I can hear in your tribute to them the appreciation of that heritage. Enjoying your A to Z posts. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  4. A good quotation for today. Sadly my family doesn't have a good history in the way of marriage, and it's caused me to be cautious but I still have that hope and belief that I still one day want to have a family. The sign sounds like a good one to have in the house.


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