Monday, April 8, 2013

H is for...

"Heaven is under our well as over our heads." ~Thoreau

A couple of years ago, right before Christmas, my Mother was invited to Mexico to speak to some people about her ministry. She is a part of RCWP and you can read about that here if you wish.

She was invited by a student who had originally attended St. Louis University and was now home in Mexico and attending the university there.

She, along with some other women, were to speak to several university students. She was then asked to say Mass for those gathered.

Before the gathering she took off her shoes. She told the people that they were standing on holy ground and she had taken off her shoes to be present in the holiness of it. The people present were honored by such an act.

Was heaven under their feet? You could say so. The Christmas season was upon them and the festivities of the season were taking place everywhere.  

Even though my Mother spoke little Spanish her act was understood by everyone and heaven was certainly under their feet as it was above.

~Naila Moon


  1. Your mother sounds like quite the incredible woman for sure! Regardless of what religion you believe, language barriers, or different beliefs, an act like that, as you said, is universally understood.

    I truly believe that quote! Heaven, Mother Nature, the's above our heads, below our feet and everywhere else we look :)

  2. Beautiful post! I believe that heaven is everywhere, if we're willing to look for it. Sometimes, it takes a little long to find, but it's there.


  3. This story doesn't surprise me at all and it is such a lovely story too :)

  4. What a lovely story!
    God bless her in all she does ;) x



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