Sunday, April 7, 2013

G is for...

"God gave us music that we might pray without words."

A long time I go I used to be a youth minister and all I ever listened to was praise and worship music. This was one of the ways I certainly did pray. God gave us music indeed and the ages have sung the praises for all time.

Even though my spiritual journey has gone in an interesting direction, I once in awhile still like to listen to this area of music.

If you keep up with my blogs at all then you would know that I love music. There is not much I don't like in the music arena.  I guess maybe acid rock I am not too fond of and I only like the old school rap.

Today however, I want to share with you some of the music that I found myself praying with. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

~Naila Moon

P.S. Just a bit of a side note: I usually post for Mondays Music this day. So, I am cross posting for both.

Spotlight Dancers

Today's theme is music my parents would have listened to. In keeping with my quote. The first song is someone they would have definitely listened too. The song was popular in the churches at the time.


  1. Songs of faith are definitely musical picks that were found in my parents' house and tunes I grew up listening to. Thanks for sharing your picks for this week's theme on Monday's Music Moves Me and for dancing with the 4M crew!

  2. Testify always makes me cry... You've had that one up twice in a short period of time.... It's speaking to me. :) And I heard another of our youth ministry days songs in church on Sunday. :) It always makes me cry too. Hugs!!

    1. I miss many things of those days.
      It makes me cry too.
      Love you, Sis

  3. No one sings gospel quite like Elvis. He was surely blessed by God. I hadn't heard these other songs of praise. Thanks.

  4. I love Elvis version of Amazing Grace good picks :-)

    Have a gospeltastic week ;-)

  5. All tear jerkers especially Judd's song. I saw that movie too, and that song/part still makes me cry! I'm a mess and nursing a tooth ache had a filling done this morning! OUCH! How's your Mom? Fine I hope. That last one is great. What fun! Jumping for the Lord. Fabulous! Great choices my friend, and also if you're interested, and want to be Honorary Co-Conductor again just let me know. Becca has volunteered for May... so if you have time let me know! Hugs and have a fabulous rocking week!

  6. Oh hon, what great songs you posted for today. Just loved them. Spiritual songs well up great feelings within me. Many wishes for a wonderful day!

  7. I used to listen to this style/type of music all the time. I was excited when I moved to a new area that had a regular radio station which played this music and I could listen to it all the time. Maybe I od'ed? Maybe it become something I didn't think of? Since we moved again I don't listen to it near as much, but they still make me smile. Especially Testitfy, though honestly who can turn down Elvis?

  8. Gosh Michelle! I LOVE and miss hearing most of these songs!
    Wow. Amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a great week!


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